– Who will win?

30 11 2006

If you’re interested in the war between the new next-generation videogame systems, tracks down the sales of Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PS3. They even have a mini-version of the tracker that you can post on forums, blogs, and websites. It’s quite interesting to note that even with Wii and the PS3 both out, the 360 still has got a >75% market share. Interesting, but the battle won’t pick up until next fall I’m guessing.


How to Reset a Frozen iPod

29 11 2006

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So this evening I was listening to my iPod while I was on the road. This one song pops up, Sung Si Kyung’s “Happy Birthday to You.” It’s a pretty nice song, but I wasn’t in the mood to listen to it so I pressed next. It took me a few seconds to realize that the audio turned and I wasn’t listening to the next song as I had wished. It turns out my iPod froze, with the screen all lit up. No matter what I did it wouldn’t turn off and the screen wouldn’t change at all. I thought it was bricked. Quite ironic given the song on the screen, my birthday is coming up, and my iPod was a birthday present from my parents last year. A triple hit combo.

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Gandalf Wants Jackson to Direct “Hobbit”

28 11 2006


Ian McKellen, better known as Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movie, has released a statement on his website saying that he is saddened to hear that Peter Jackson may not be directing the Hobbit movie.

On my own account, I am very sad as I should have relished re-visiting Middle Earth with Peter again as team-leader. It’s hard to imagine any other director matching his achievement in Tolkien country,” — Ian McKellen

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Travelling at the Speed of Light

28 11 2006


Found this site where they simulate how it would be like to travel at the speed of light. It’s very trippy and mind boggling thinking the video footage that they show, if it were to actually happen, would have taken less than a hundred nanoseconds, or one hundred billionth of a second. Think about it.



Heroes: The New Lost

27 11 2006


Few shows in the past year have caught as much attention as Lost. As someone who does not watch much television, I never managed to get on the Lost boat like so many others. However, I’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding Lost’s new second season on internet forums. There is a new buzz on television about a show called Heroes on NBC.

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Makati City, Philippines

27 11 2006
(Photo by Flickr: janzedrik)

Before seeing Makati, I never knew that Philippines had such a city. One that is filled with tall high rise skyscrapers and modern buildings. Reading the SkycraperCity forums have been an englightening experience for me as I can see places all over the world that are beautiful and not just urban sprawls but also natural places. One thing I’ve learned is that even though the Philippines is considered a third world country by many, it is one of the richest areas in terms of natural resources. But for now I’ll show you the “NYC” of the Philippines: Makati, one of the cities that make up the Metro Manila.

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Ico: Videogames as Art?

26 11 2006


There has been an ongoing debate on whether videogames can be considered art. The opposition argues that videogames cannot be considered to be “art” because it contains choices that are to be made by the player, unlike film and literature which are dictated by the author. There is one game that just has to be considered art for its beauty.

That game is Ico.

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