A hidden bamboo forest!

2 11 2006

Yesterday, during my break from my Japanese class I decided to go behind the building to find a place to eat my cookie snack. I saw this trail that led down the small hill and walked into this awesome bamboo forest tucked away in the back of the Language buildings! Not only that, but there was also a Japanese tea hut.

Quite amazing. I had noticed the bamboo trees before whenever I was walking to my Japanese and thinking they were pretty neat, but to discover a path that lead to a small bamboo forest with neat trails, sprinklers, etc. I didn’t know they planned it all out. There were even little tags in front of the different bamboo trees with the scientific species name and where it originated from, like Japan, China, and even Mexico.

Right now, just beyond the bamboo trail they are constructing a huge campus complex plus another one at a different area, so it sort of clashes with the zen-like peace of the bamboo forest. I took some pictures yesterday, but didn’t have enough time.

I arrived at Foothill about 30 minutes early today thinking there was going to be traffic. I went there right away and took a lot of pictures. Man, I think I’m the only Foothill student to appreciate that bamboo forest. I saw some trash by the picnic area which sorta made me sad, stupid peoples.

Bamboo Forest


Japanese Tea Hut


Bamboo Trees


Bamboo Trees Remix




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18 05 2010
naila maftazani

wow. . .amazing ^^

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