First (and last) post!

2 11 2006

Ceremonial first post. This will be my third blog that I’ve attempted. My Livejournal is dead and all the other ones are lost. I will be posting random things my mind can think of, things that I want to buy(but can’t), funny videos or pictures that I find, pictures that I’ve taken myself, things happening in my life, and so on.

When I first started my Livejournal I wanted to practice writing(because back then I sort of wanted to be a writer) so I used a lot of big words and fancy phrases. I will try not to do that, but I want to make anyone reading this(all -3 of you) to at least not have a headache reading it, and perhaps find it interesting? I want to make it enjoyable to write and read for myself, too. So yeah, screw you.

I hope I can keep up with this blog and not abandon it like the others. Off I go!




One response

7 04 2013

“First (and last) post! | Mr. West Wakes Up” ended up being a wonderful blog post, can’t wait to look at alot more
of ur blogs. Time to waste a little time on the internet lolz.
Thank you ,Patrice

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