Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

5 11 2006

I went to go watch this movie on Friday with Hanna, Jenn Kim, and Lila. We ate at some Thai restaurant because we had a lot of time to kill and I ended up ordering something really nasty (Ginger Chicken). When we got to the theater an hour before the showing, there was already a huge line, which I didn’t expect for such an obscure movie.

Since the showing was all sold out, it was sorta crazy. The guards were yelling all over to keep the line somewhat organized. To make it worse, when we got our seats the air system was broken or something so it got really stuffy with about 200+ other people breathing the same recycled air.

The trailers they showed before the movie were hilarious. They showed a lot of comedy movies and most of them were all funny. Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller as a night guard in a museum looks like it might be funny. Most of the trailers had everyone laughing, and whenever the trailers that precede a movie are good the movie itself always turns out to be good.

And it was good! I’ve never laughed as much in another movie as Borat. It just had the most funny scenes. There was this one scene though where EVERYONE, including myself, were laughing their asses off. It started off as mild laughter and all of a sudden became OMGICANTBREATHE.

Coming into this movie, I had the notion that most of the people in this movie were actors posing as someone from the public. It turns out they were real and had no idea that Borat was just an actor. It makes the movie funnier. Really funny movie, but I’m not sure if it’s a good movie. Sometimes it felt like a bunch of skit after another. But overall, I give it props just for the laughs alone.

I just read that it is the top movie in the Box Office for this weekend earning $26 million while playing in only 850+ theaters. That’s compared to the number two film, Santa Claus III, which got $20 million in 3,500+ theaters. Well deserved!




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