P$3 sold on eBay for…

10 11 2006

Winning bid – US $9,100.00

Wow, and I thought the PS3 was already expensive at $600 for the 60GB edition. This eBay seller sold his for over $9,000! That’s more nine times the profit just for selling it on eBay to those who are crazy enough to pay thousands over the retail price.

Earlier this year, I was thinking of buying a PS3 just to sell one on eBay and take advantage of capitalism. But I decided not to rip people off for my own profit because I’m a good soul. Ahem.

As much as the Xbox 360 sold for last year during the post-release craze, it does not compare to this. I must admit, the PS3 is actually looking to be a pretty nice console. Sony added a lot of cool features like Linux pre-installed and having an HDMI output. But it does not justify paying $600, let alone $9000 for a videogame system!

This eBay auction is proof of the insanity of some gamers.

For that much money you can:

I’m glad I only follow videogame news and not do much actual videogaming (except that I’m playing Final Fantasy XII right now, which is awesome!). The current price for the next-generation systems are too high. I want to have an Xbox 360, but I’m not willing to pay $400 for one. I will wait for prices to drop before I get one.

If it’s any consolation for the buyer, at least the shipping is free.




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17 11 2006
PS3 Launch Madness! « Mr. West Wakes Up

[…] Today is the launch of the Sony PS3. Due to only 200,000 of the systems being available at launch, it has caused a madness in people that’s only a shortage of a hugely popular item can cause. It started with people selling their pre-orders on eBay, with some going for a few thousand dollars. Last week I posted a story of a PS3 selling for over $9,000 on eBay. Apparently, nine G’s is not a crazy enough prize for some people as some PS3 auctions have ended at $60,000 and even at a ridiculous $99,999,999! That last one is probably a busted auction.Other than the high prices on eBay, the PS3 launch has also struck a violent chord with some people. First it was the Best Buy drive-by shooting, but it’s escalated to a scary point. I was reading up on some news sites at school today and I saw at least a dozen stories related to the PS3 madness. I’ve gathered a few of the stories to give you a sense of the hysteria around this system launch. […]

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