Ratatouille: Pixar’s Next Film

13 11 2006


Last night I watched the full trailer for Pixar’s next film, Ratatouille.

I’m a big Pixar fan. I like them almost as much as Studio Ghibli’s films as far as animated films go. I watched Monsters, Inc. three times in the theaters. I watched Finding Nemo on its opening day, after eagerly waiting for it like a 6 year old kid. I thought The Incredibles was a pretty good film that was different from Pixar’s other offerings. And about a week ago, I got to see Cars for the first time. That was the first Pixar film that did not interest me after watching the trailer, but after seeing it my opinion of it has definitely changed. It’s worthy of being a Pixar movie.

The Ratatouille trailer gets me excited again. The animation and the characters designs are awesome and reminds me of the old Disney animated films. Not just that, but it just has the feel of the old Disney greats. I think this film will show the effects of Pixar being bought out by Disney, in a good way.

Ratatouille Trailer




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