McRice Burger: Another McCreation

14 11 2006

chotda (Flickr)

This is the McRice Burger that McDonald’s sells in the Philippines. It’s a chicken fillet with lettuce and other goodies between two grilled patties made of rice. As weird as that may sound, I’ve heard from some people that is actually really good. And I want to try it at least one time just to see how it tastes. It’s like a rice meal on the go. It’s amazing to note how McDonald’s has captured the global taste palate.

One way for McDonald’s to expand and stay competitive in countries other than the United States is to cater to the region’s tastes. They create new menu items for the specific countries. Like in the Philippines, Filipinos seem to like grease and fried chicken a lot so the McChicken is offered in the menu. In countries that have a restriction to eating a certain type of meat like India, McDonald’s have offered veggie burgers and different meat burgers like pork and mutton. Yuck.

Menus can even differ from state to state. According to Wikipedia, they offered the “Beefsteak” Sandwich in New York and other East Coast areas. I guess they felt New York would have been sensitive to selling the “Philly” Cheesesteak Sandwich. To cater to Roman Catholics in Hawaii, they also offered the Hulaburger where a pineapple slice replaced the meat. This was apparently a flop as they found out that Roman Catholics secretly eat meat on Fridays.

If I had my way, I would make McDonald’s offer a McParmigiana: a smorgasbord of taste – patties made from fine pasta, a grilled chicken topped with parmesan cheese and rich marinara sauce. Droool!

(Picture by Flickr: chotda)




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