Damien Rice – 9

16 11 2006

Last night I purchased Damien Rice’s new album 9 at Best Buy. I was debating whether to buy it from the iTunes Music Store or just buy a CD. At first I thought buying from the iTMS would be more convenient as the iPod is my main music player. It would be very easy to just buy the album and transfer it to my iPod. Some people told me that I should just buy the CD and rip the tracks in high-quality MP3s for my iPod. Support the albums, they said. As if the iTunes Music Store is the reason for the decline of music sales. But I followed their advice anyway.

I’ve only listened to the whole album once. I’m not sure what to think of it. While there are some songs that recall the greatness of the O album, there were also some songs that left me feeling a bit cold. The slower, simpler songs remind me of the great O songs. The more “complicated” songs with guitars and drums I didn’t like so much. I guess you could say he is adding different sounds and styles. Variety was one of the things that made O great, and this album is lacking a bit in that regard. And if you call the faster songs “adding variety”, then I rather he add a different sort of variety.

My first impressions of Damien Rice’s writing on this album was good. In a couple of songs, it had me thinking “Did he just sell out on me?” But after a second listen, I realized I misheard what he said. If Damien Rice sold out on anything, it would be the faster, rock-ish songs. Lyrically though, he’s still got the touch.

Right now though, this is a good album. Aside from a couple of misses, this is a worthy successor to his debut album. Perhaps after listening to it several more times, I will hold it up to the same light as the O album.

My favorite songs(for now):

  • Elephant
  • Gray Room
  • Accidental Babies



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