PS3 Launch Madness!

17 11 2006

Today is the launch of the Sony PS3. Due to only 200,000 of the systems being available at launch, it has caused a madness in people that’s only a shortage of a hugely popular item can cause. It started with people selling their pre-orders on eBay, with some going for a few thousand dollars. Last week I posted a story of a PS3 selling for over $9,000 on eBay. Apparently, nine G’s is not a crazy enough prize for some people as some PS3 auctions have ended at $60,000 and even at a ridiculous $99,999,999! That last one is probably a busted auction.

Other than the high prices on eBay, the PS3 launch has also struck a violent chord with some people. First it was the Best Buy drive-by shooting, but it’s escalated to a scary point. I was reading up on some news sites at school today and I saw at least a dozen stories related to the PS3 madness. I’ve gathered a few of the stories to give you a sense of the hysteria around this system launch.

A sample of the PS3 Madness:

  • Rapist escapes prison and lines up to buy a PS3 – Link
  • Pregnant woman tries to not give birth while in line for a PS3 – Link
  • PS3 riot, police uses force – Link
  • Fight breaks out a Walmart, causes store to close – Link

I’m sure other crazy events will happen all due to the PS3 shortage. It’s really sad that this has caused people to get hurt. This just gives the government an excuse to whine about videogames causing violence in people. But that’s another story.




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