Thanksgiving at Disneyland

25 11 2006

Disneyland Entrance

This Thanksgiving I went to LA with my dad, sister, and niece. We spent the whole day at the park and had lots of fun. After eight years since my last visit to Disneyland, every ride, sight, and Disney character was fresh. Not to mention that going with my little niece Aira made it so much more fun, witnessing her amazement at every little thing was to me the best part.

I also enjoyed the Christmas Parade, especially the catchy song that was playing. At the end, there was a fireworks show that was spectacular. The best fireworks show I have ever seen, and almost worth the price of admission by itself. The timing of the music and fireworks was perfect, and they had new firework types I had never seen before. Right after the fireworks show, there was SNOW! Fake snow, but it was amazing to me. Ah, happiest place in the world indeed.

Disneyland Castle

Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade at Night

Christmas Carolers

Main Street

Snow at Disneyland




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