Heroes: The New Lost

27 11 2006


Few shows in the past year have caught as much attention as Lost. As someone who does not watch much television, I never managed to get on the Lost boat like so many others. However, I’ve heard a lot of buzz surrounding Lost’s new second season on internet forums. There is a new buzz on television about a show called Heroes on NBC.

I first started seeing posts about Heroes just a couple of months ago when the new season of television shows started. I never paid much attention, not being a huge TV fan. I was talking to my friend David a few days ago. He was telling me about this new show about people with special abilities and asked if I heard of it, and I told him yes. He went on telling me about some of the characters and the quality of the show. My interest was piqued, but I didn’t want to start watching the show in the middle so I went to my friends’ house who had Tivo’ed the old episodes to catch up. Ahem.

Anyway, I have only watched three episodes so far and it’s definitely a good show. The budget is very high, the acting is good, and the plot is interesting. The hero characters are still being built up, but they’re getting there. One thing I enjoyed and hated at the same time was the cliffhanger at the end of every episode so far. Thrilling in some ways, yet a pain because it makes you want to see the next episode even more. This show is really, really good so far. I have set up a season pass to this show on my parents’ DirecTV and will watch it on the big screen once I have caught up.

Believe what you heard about this show: the hype is real!




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