Apple unveils iPhone at Macworld

9 01 2007


Although it’s been heavily rumored that Apple was going to reveal the much talked about iPhone at Macworld, people didn’t expect anything this big. The Apple iPhone has amazed everyone, even causing Apple’s stocks to go up after the announcement.

The new iPhone is a thin, all touch screen phone that can also act as a music player, an internet browser, photo viewer, camera, and so forth. Apple packed this thing with the newest technologies like EDGE and Wi-Fi and added their magic iTouch. And everything is controlled through the huge touchscreen, from sending pictures to typing to playing music. This thing gives the gadget geek inside me a reason to be. This has catapulted above the Macbook Pro as thing that I need, like,

Some of the features of the iPhone:

  • – 3.5in widescreen display with touchscreen features
  • – Either 4GB or 8GB of space for music, photos(ehgyos), etc.
  • – A 2 megapixel camera!
  • – A sensor which senses the way the iPhone is being held
  • – Google Maps integration

That’s just a short list of the iPhone’s features. To be even more amazed, visit Apple’s iPhone page here. But I warn you, you’ll need to hold your jaw just in case your jaw drops at the iPhone’s awesomeness.




3 responses

6 03 2007

I think I may still buy stocks.! This phone is so crazy.
PS: Lots of my friends live in Ft B.


20 07 2007

its going to be available in Apple Greenbelt nextmonth!

7 04 2013

I truly have a tendency to agree with every little thing that
was authored within “Apple unveils iPhone at Macworld |
Mr. West Wakes Up”. Thanks a lot for all of the actual details.
Many thanks-Elinor

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