Apple Gives Macbook Pro, Macbook Yet Another Upgrade

26 02 2008

It’s been a while since Apple last updated its laptop line. For the Macbook Pro, the last time was in June 2007 when they put in the LED screens and gave it the Santa Rosa chipset. The Macbok was updated in late 2007, when it was given a modest upgrade in speed and memory.

Just earlier today Apple announced its latest update of the MBP and Macbook. Aside from a speed bump, the Macbook Pro is also gaining the multi-touch trackpad found in the Macbook Air. The Macbook Pro receives a CPU and memory boost. The fastest Macbook CPU is on the same level as the faster MBP CPU of the previous update.

My Santa Rosa Macbook Pro, which I got back in June 2007, sort of feels old now with its lack of multi-touch trackpad. But I don’t regret getting it. It’s been worth the money, and aside from my first MBP having a warped LCD lid (which I returned promptly), I haven’t had any huge problems. My only minor problem is the squeeking of the keys that comes and goes. Just when I was writing this entry, its high pitched squeek came back, perhaps trying to tell me it’s starting to feel old. I don’t think so, my friend!



“I’m Fucking Ben Affleck” on Jimmy Kimmel

25 02 2008

Just watched this on Jimmy Kimmel, hilarious comeback to the “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” by Sarah Silverman.

Beijing: Transforming an Old Capital into a City of the Future

22 02 2008


Since Beijing won the bid for the 2008 Olympic back in 2001, the city has been undergoing a massive makeover in a bid to amaze the tens of thousands of visitors for the Olympic games. How did they go about doing this? By building amazing, cutting edge architecture that no other place (perhaps, excluding Dubai) would risk building.

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Girl Shows Up at Her Own Wake

21 02 2008

Unbelievable news, like a scene from a movie. I just wonder whose body they found? I hope they will find out about the nature of her death and will lead to suspects if they find out she was murdered. I bet the (alive) girl’s family is relieved, to say the least.

Girl shows up alive at own wake
By Orlando Dinoy
Mindanao Bureau
First Posted 16:30:00 02/21/2008
DIGOS CITY, Philippines — Members of a family here got the shock of their lives Thursday when the young girl whose death they were mourning walked into their home very much alive.

The Gempesaw family had been holding a wake for what they believed to be Jocelyn, 13, who had been reported since February 14, since a body with features resembling the girl was found in a sugarcane field in Barangay (village) Agustin here on Sunday.

Editha, Jocelyn’s mother, herself positively identified the dead girl as her daughter and claimed it from the local morgue.

On Thursday, Jocelyn read an account of her supposed death in a local tabloid and hurried to the wake, her father Rodolfo said.

She explained that she had been hiding in a friend’s house in Emily Homes after fleeing leaving her allegedly abusive employer’s house on Valentine’s Day. She had been working as a store helper.

Digos police chief Caezar Cabuhat said investigators were “back to zero” on the identity of the dead girl.


Indiana Jones 4 Trailer Released!

14 02 2008


The trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones was released today. I guess it was a Valentine’s Day gift from Paramount for everyone. I’ll gladly accept, thank you. <3

The Indy series is one of the series that defined my early experience with films as a kid, including E.T., and Back to the Future. So the prospect of a new Indiana Jones movie was really exciting to me. I believe it was as early as 2000 that rumors of a new Indy movie being in development began to go around. Seven years later, I’m glad it’s all finally coming together and will be released on May 22.

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Seoul’s Oldest Building Succumbs to Drunk Old Man

13 02 2008


In a devastating loss for South Korea, the country’s National Treasure No. 1, the Namdaemoon, fell to a fire started by a drunk old man. Or at least, that was how the first reports were calling him. The latest word is that it was started by a man who also tried to set fire to the Royal Palace two years ago. Apparently he has some land issues with the government, I guess this was his way of getting some attention from them. But after this, he will only get the other kind of attention from the government.

The Namdaemoon was the southern gate of Seoul when it was a walled city in the past. Apparently the Japanese tore down the walls during its occupation of Korea and the Namdaemoon is the only remaining remnant of the great wall of Seoul. Standing in the middle of a busy intersection, it was a great reminder of the Korea of the past.

On the bright side, the stone base of the Namdaemoon received little to no damage. A heritage group will rebuild the famous landmark at a cost of $21 million and it will take three years to finish. Although it’s nice that it will be rebuilt, that aura of the old building will be gone. Oh, I wish wood wasn’t so susceptible to fire.

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Architecture Profile: Frank Lloyd Wright

7 02 2008



Since I want to get more involved in my major, I’m going to start doing profiles of architects who have tremendous effect on modern architecture and on me as a student studying architecture. The first one that I am doing is on Frank Lloyd Wright, who many view as one of the founding fathers of modern architecture. He is also arguably the most important architect in American history, up there with the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Phillip Johnson, and Frank Gehry.

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