Chinese Man’s Hair: 26 Years Without a Wash

7 02 2008



 An 80 year old man from China washed his hair for the first time in 26 years. That is just amazing (and it probably smelled like, well, hair that hasn’t been washed for 26 years). His hair was so dirty and long that he had to have his family members assist in washing him. I wonder what they were thinking while washing his hair. Actually, I wonder what his family thought during this 26 period of smelly hair. Notice the murky color of the water…that’s 26 years of dirt, bird feces, and gel.

The old man’s local fans want to put him in the Guiness Book of Records. Good for him, at least he got something out of not washing his hair.


An 80-year-old Chinese man has washed his hair for the first time in 26 years.

Shampoo had little effect on Luo Shiyuan’s matted 6ft long hair and 5ft beard so the whole family pitched in with washing powder, reports Chongqing Morning Papers.

In all, it took 12 people – including his son, daughter-in-law, grandchildren and neighbours – five hours and three family bags of washing powder.

When his hair was finally clean, locals in the remote mountain village of Red Flag, near Chongqing city, said they would try to get his name in the record books.




One response

8 02 2008

oh what a stink! grabe. if he went to a salon, the people working there would probably give up. shampoo companies could’ve cashed in on this hair–to test their effectivty! ha ha

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