Girl Shows Up at Her Own Wake

21 02 2008

Unbelievable news, like a scene from a movie. I just wonder whose body they found? I hope they will find out about the nature of her death and will lead to suspects if they find out she was murdered. I bet the (alive) girl’s family is relieved, to say the least.

Girl shows up alive at own wake
By Orlando Dinoy
Mindanao Bureau
First Posted 16:30:00 02/21/2008
DIGOS CITY, Philippines — Members of a family here got the shock of their lives Thursday when the young girl whose death they were mourning walked into their home very much alive.

The Gempesaw family had been holding a wake for what they believed to be Jocelyn, 13, who had been reported since February 14, since a body with features resembling the girl was found in a sugarcane field in Barangay (village) Agustin here on Sunday.

Editha, Jocelyn’s mother, herself positively identified the dead girl as her daughter and claimed it from the local morgue.

On Thursday, Jocelyn read an account of her supposed death in a local tabloid and hurried to the wake, her father Rodolfo said.

She explained that she had been hiding in a friend’s house in Emily Homes after fleeing leaving her allegedly abusive employer’s house on Valentine’s Day. She had been working as a store helper.

Digos police chief Caezar Cabuhat said investigators were “back to zero” on the identity of the dead girl.





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9 10 2010

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