Facebook Owner: Youngest Billionaire

5 03 2008
Facebook founder is world’s youngest billionaire

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK – Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old founder of social networking site Facebook, is the youngest ever self-made billionaire, according to an annual list published by Forbes magazine.

“He is the youngest billionaire in the world right now and we also believe he is the youngest self-made billionaire in history,” said the magazine’s Associate Editor Matthew Miller, unveiling this year’s super-rich list.

The magazine put the former Harvard student’s personal wealth at 1.5 billion dollars, based on what it said was a conservative valuation of five billion dollars for Facebook and Zuckerberg’s estimated 30 percent stake.

It played down speculation that the site could be worth as much as 15 billion dollars, which was based on Microsoft paying 240 million dollars for a 1.6 percent stake in the company last year.

“Would it really fetch that much today? Some analysts — and a few Facebook investors — doubt it,” the magazine said. It said it based its valuation on Facebook’s estimated annual sales of 150 million dollars.

A billionaire at 23 years old, or the same age as me. That is so mind blowing to me. If I had a billion dollars, I could do so many things like produce a film, buy a tropical island, or donate millions to save an endangered species. Good for him, and as a Facebook user I’m not surprised that the owner is a billionaire. Facebook > Myspace



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25 05 2008

I hope he does something right with this money, like buying parcels of rain forest, saving endangered species…and not buying sports cars instead. That is not hard earned money, the facebookers created that wealth, he should definetly do something for the world. I find it really scary that a boy has so much power. I do hope he has great values and a sense of responsability.

5 06 2008
Billionaire 2

Wow, zara, (besides the sports car part and instead helping the evironment) I completely disagree with you.

30 06 2008


19 07 2008

he should buy a new face

24 07 2008
Levi Jr.

People always have something to say NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE!!!! Let the guy do what he wanna do. So what if he bought some sport cars, i bet if he did, your ass would probably be starin in public. shut your mouth!!!!

16 09 2008
ryan baker

I never new about adding people to fast can i please have my account back? i should have least got so kind of warning before you disabled my account.

28 09 2008
gamal Eldein

i really like to say that this guy he is one of the smart people in the world .
and i wish hima graet life and great time
best wishs to hime
+20 104 498 026

18 10 2008

d guy don hammer na im turn 2 enjoy d csh bcuz im maga don pay .he can buy what he lyks its his money not urs but at least i bliv he shuld do a thing or 2 to help d world e.g setup a foundation e.t.c.

21 10 2008



26 10 2008
Nii Kpakpo

Hey! some terrific story…. Well I think its probably time we all shared that wealth, like think of revenue generation strategies from the FACEBOOK platform….to us as users it can’t just remain as a social platform while, Mark uses it as a commercial platform. Its Marks idea, but to succeed it has ridden on the backs of many facebook users that have introduced others…

5 11 2008
ERica Nelson

Hey [ for ]
Some Odd REason I quite qettinq My
Notifications So [ can ] You Please Help Me Out
– Thanks

2 12 2008
Alrayah Omer

Dear sir
I reciept several message say confirmation code sent as atext to my mobile.I read this message After you enter your mobile phone, we will send you a text message with a verification code. When you enter this code on the site, that will confirm your identity and we will stop showing you security tests. Facebook does not charge for this service, but your carrier’s normal rates still apply .but till this moment i did not recieve any text message .thanks .
alrayah omer

— On Tue, 2/12/08, Facebook wrote:

From: Facebook
Subject: Facebook Registration Confirmation
To: omeralrayah@yahoo.co.uk
Date: Tuesday, 2 December, 2008, 10:50 PM

Hey Alrayah,

You recently registered for Facebook. To complete your Facebook registration,
follow this link:


Facebook helps you communicate and stay in touch with all of your friends. Once
you join Facebook, you’ll be able to share photos, plan events, and more.

The Facebook Team

24 12 2008

Please don’t become an asshole like this Rupert Murdoch !

24 12 2008
adnan arif

will i have much great idea then Mark Zuckerberg but i have not so much mony to implement that, my idea can get that position for which yahoo,google ect are running for.

2 01 2009

hummmmmm !

2 01 2009

hummmm !

5 01 2009

i’lld try to go to harvard then before graduating, i’lld dropout.

7 01 2009

I saw a special on him the other day. He still lives in his apt and sleeps on the floor with a mattress. Does not do a lot of shopping or buy fancy things…so u know his bank account is MEGA large, but at least he is humble.

I think he will eventually do something productive with his money, but is trying to get a plan in order before blowing it on the wrong things and investments…remember he is wise or else he would not be in said position he is to this day. I am 37 and could use LOTS of tips from him! ;-D

8 01 2009

i think if we let interesting commets ll helps better…i think if facebook owner is the youngster billionare , i would advice him to spend money for world food orgonization…they need one billion 700 millions to feed the ppl in need specially in africa…here i would sau chapeau really…thank u for reading…peace with u all…

15 01 2009

I think what this kid is doing is amazing. Im 25 and Im working on an online project of my own and I would be fortunate to have just 10% of his success. I gotta give it up to him. I would have a fleet of Bentleys.. Screw it. No one has the right to tell you wat to do with ure money.

17 01 2009
elizabeth murray

Elisavet Mry———–thies is the name in face book, i have been on here for years,
never had a problem, today i spoke in a room about the war,
did not curse, just said people who kill children are animals.
and one person

Ariel Sint– who did not like that i said animals complaint,
and they blocked me,
i send them messages nothing,
we have rooms that curses and say i will kill you
and they are not delete why,
I have never called anyone names are cursed.
who runs the face book?
my friends in there are very upset they no i do not curse are offend any one ,
hope thies problem can be fixed
and the persone who does thies,
they should read and see who is the one who starts trouble,
thank you

20 01 2009
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21 01 2009


27 01 2009

I thnk facebuk is gret and thumbz up 2 mark.tht waz pure genius.im wekin on an online project and rily wish 2 make wavz too.abt being a bilionare….jus do wat u feel is ryte…

3 02 2009

the best advice i can give to him is for hin to use wat he’s got to help the less priviledge. and also his money shudnt take him to hell. or what do u guys think?

5 02 2009

Big congrats’ to the young innovator. Keep up the spirit and let us have more.

God bless you

7 02 2009

this just proves anyone can do anything; he is a 20 year old billionare, so stop complaining about thinking about god, he earned the money not god therefore he can do what he wants with it.

21 03 2009

the new facebook SUX, change it back mark!!!

1 04 2009

I don’t think Facebook is really great because all emails on facebook are shown on google………
Duh,,,, find a solution for this!!!!!!!1

8 04 2009
Alec Gould

How do I make a group on the new facebook

10 04 2009

Mark you are the MAN, people will always have their opion of you. You can only remain humble and shine. Thank for facebook.

10 04 2009

You earned your dow, so enjoy! If Bill came with the Idea all will be singing ” how brillient”.

22 04 2009

Hahah Zara do YOU Actually know how long time one website like this need for Development and design, you look like blond young girl that have no idea of nothing. Do you actually see his eyes and under? He have 3-4 different colors on his face skin this is from all nights awake probably 12-16 hours at the computer hard working! Do you work more than 90 hours/week, probably no? Well ? I’m sure he work even more than that.
The facebookers use his service => They should make him money ;) There is no free launch ;)
He pay his Taxes for his business and he is not the person who has to Take care of the world ;) There are Governments that ARE obligated to do this ;)
And I think it is not Scary, he is smart, So he deserve it!
There is nothing bad of doing with his money whatever he want. He has brilliant Brain and he deserve all of the fame ;)
And Zara go buy lolly pop ;) and enjoy!

22 04 2009
Another Billionair Boy

hey Mark,

i am also age of 23…i don’t have one penny but i believe i am A billionaire and soon we’ll compete each other!!!

26 04 2009

how do u make that much money by just owning a website

9 05 2009
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10 05 2009

Dear Mark,

I need some help please. I tried logging into my facebook today and it says “your account has been disabled” why is this? I put in the correct email and password and i really need to get in. I need some help ASAP. Why the hell has this happend??????? email back asap

Thank you
Penny Carleton

14 05 2009
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18 05 2009

hey i wish i could do something that great.congrats Mark hats off to ya. you set an example for our generation.

18 05 2009



25 05 2009

he’s got the money,he’s got the site and most of all the publicity

25 05 2009

Congratulations! well done its a very simple and clever idea u made it to the top u showed and made a meaning in life have a gr8 life enjoy. Now for the rest of us gdluck may all ur dreams come true

30 05 2009
steve grissom

waaaahhhhhh! How can ya complain or tell the dude to do with his life beause he has become successful…. I reccomend that with his 1.5 billion, that he does whatever the heck he wants… this is afterall an obviously intelligent American degreed college student we’re discussing correct? John Steven Grissom- myspace.com

2 06 2009
David Tella

If a cool guy like that cool build a multi-billion dollar company, it means he knows what he is doing. He knows his right from his left. To me, he is not that young. So many older people cant do what he has done or what he is doing. Come on, this guy is intellegent. I think we all need him to teach us how to spend money and not us teaching him

2 06 2009
David Tella

If a cool guy like that cool build a multi-billion dollar company, it means he knows what he is doing. He knows his right from his left. To me, he is not that young. So many older people cant do what he has done or what he is doing. Come on, this guy is intellegent. I think we all need him to teach us how to spend money and not us teaching him.

19 06 2009
Boss Ndenda

Man u are a geneous , i

9 07 2009
Judy Osborn

I forgot my login and password and can’t get into Facebook anymore.
Now one to help either.
I tried the new password sent. Won’t work.
I need to talk with a person. BUT THERE ARE NONE
I guess I can’t use FACEBOOK. I even thought I’d try and opne a new facebook to look at my old one, but I’d have to get into the old facebook to allow me to be my friend……….
This is a big problem

10 07 2009

if i was a billionaire i would put some of that money towards helping stop organized dog fighting all over the world….what’s more important a car or saving millions of dog’s live’s

10 07 2009

if i was a billionaire i would put some of that money towards helping stop organized dog fighting all over the world….what’s more important a car or saving millions of dog’s live’s

18 07 2009

I Think Mark is a Role Model to we that are in early 20is to do something tangible instead of getting involved in something that will spoil the name of their Family,but as for if i happens to be the youngest billonaire on earth,MEEENN….People go feel me,get myself the lastest car,Make sure i never buy a house because of the Tax paid on it,Buying a house in USA is a Liability not an asset.bIG BOY MARK

18 07 2009
Tim Taylor

Perhaps if the little fucknut didnt practice censorship I might have a modicum of respect for his achievements, but all he did was jump on the bandwagon. The site is NOT new in any way, rather very limited. I got blocked for “overuse” of my own wall! WTF Mark? Whats the matter? Did I scare your little punk ass? Good! Thats what FREE SPEECH means, and if you keep blocking your users, I will open a site of my own, and go the opposite direction you little fucking weasel. Now you have reason to block me. I went out of my way to tell you to GET FUCKED!

19 07 2009

Listen there is a person on facebook his stealing pictures of everyone and his making bad comments and abusing people 4 no reason.
These are 2 persons and their user name are
Abaaha Wayee Yakaale & Hooyada Waas Hooyda please make sure u do something about it.

22 07 2009

Hey there Mark, I too wish to be a billionaire like yourself, any tips on how to make a website like Facebook and how to get so many people to join it. I hope someday I can be as rich as you. Please email me for as many tips, or website maker that you used, or anything else. Thanks.

25 07 2009

its really great news for the internet user one more young billionair is here

6 08 2009

do ur thing dude, its a hard got cash. spoil urself

7 08 2009


10 08 2009


10 08 2009

Give it a test and just try to deleate a Flashnet acount

10 08 2009

He will not let you

10 08 2009


12 08 2009
Johan Winardy

May, I have contact number and emailaddress Mr Mark Zuckerberg.
Many thank’s for your kind attention.

Best Regards
Johan Winardy

14 08 2009

well done mate all the best to u your idea u dun a good job i have to respect you for this all the best with that billion.

14 08 2009

I hope my idea makes me billions like yours soon to come.

14 08 2009

It is confirm that the world un-believable web site. I wish you all the best of successes .

16 08 2009
kabiru lawan Roni

Guy gud for you to be a self-made billionaire!! So, please try considerably to invest ur wealth wisely on charity donations.
Eventually, I wish U gud success in all your careers!!

22 08 2009
Ahmed Haruna Yauta

Wish you luck………………………..

24 08 2009

MAn your the best..IM 12year old boy and im a the richest in the world!!

24 08 2009
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25 08 2009

he was so brainy,he made an addictive social networking site.
mR. author can we exchange link?thanks.

27 08 2009
Eloho .M. Ogidi

I believe Mark never expected much in d beginning, I also believe he has an upcoming progect 4 d world, besides no man with such money will live like a poor man not talk about a young boy of 23yr old.

Na only poor man way no get money they say small stout bitter, Mark is an inspiration to any young soul…

Love U man.


27 08 2009
raj ahmed

great job dude….

27 08 2009
raj ahmed

great job dude….
i m from Bangladesh

29 08 2009

this guy as use ur ass to make money can you please go and figur out urs and stop pokin on someelses he did not poke on microsoft so what ya all c……
we are having a serious probs…. maybe he should come and pay ur lecturer(nigeria) so d can go back to school and let us (book warmer) graduate
HOW MANY NIGERIANS CAN CREATE THAT DRASTIC CHANGE? that is not possible when the lecturer turn education into POLITICS everything is not POLItics LECTURER ur parent are tired of seein us around we dont have time to think like this great guy(WEST) let us be in school we think and creat ideas better there since u dont have anything to offer let us just be there and keep passing while we think & creat idea PLEASE

2 09 2009
poker face

you all who have posted here are stupid and jealous.I would say you all duffers get your work done and don’t poke your nose into others affairs. may good give you all some mind.

11 09 2009

hahahha . face book is cool !

11 09 2009

but will you please raise my value on ffs ? =]

15 09 2009

Mr Mark your great,thank God 4 giving such Destiny and you fulfilling that Destiny
Thanks Mr Mark for helping me make new friends through your Programe
D guy don HAMMER

18 09 2009
joyce willie

nice one guy, but, please one thing i need from you ”let ur inspiration be God and his word” thanks

19 09 2009
Ganesh Prasad

Hey! Mark sir i m ur big fan.I m very-2 impressed with ur working technique.”I hv only one dream in my entire life u will teach me abt internet one time”.

19 09 2009
Ganesh Prasad

Hey! Mark sir i m ur big fan.I m very-2 impressed with ur working technique.”I hv only one dream in my entire life u will teach me abt internet one time”.And ur website facebook is one of the best socal nd networking site in the world.

21 09 2009
francis michael

u rock!

26 09 2009
mahesh chathuranga

you are fantastic …….and your site….great job,keep it up ….!thank for your site…

28 09 2009
reece buckle

hey how comes my facebook acount are on google images

1 10 2009

exelent side dude .
congratulations .

2 10 2009

great yar
you r a genius!!!!!!

7 10 2009

hello there…. someone deleted my facebook and i am unsatisfied with your website as nobody knows my password.. can you please fix it or give me some money please :)
kind regards em.

9 10 2009

it’s great…

9 10 2009

Hey Mark…how about FIXING FACEBOOK!!! Thousands of users have been unable to access their account for almost a week and no one is treating your users with any respect. Some smart person you are that you can’t fix Facebook in less than a day. There are a ton of users who use facebook to interact with people to help find jobs, promote their business, and keep in touch with loved ones. Not to mention it’s ten times better than myspace. I left myspace to join Facebook and found a ton of lost friends. Now I can’t get into my page??? I can’t see how a smart person can be so dumb. Enjoy your billions while the rest of us are suffering by not logging in. If I can’t get in soon, I’m going back to myspace.

10 10 2009
Chris Lang

How can Zuckerburg be considered a billionaire when he owns 30 percent of a company that loses 75 million a year and has not gone public? You are making billionaires out of over valued junk that does not exist.

Just like Digg.com the only people that are going to make any money off Facebook are the investment bankers. Zuckerburg and Kevin Rose can sit around all day, count their Monopoly money and play Billionaire Boys Club but those of us who are really in business cry BS!

What a load of crap!!!

10 10 2009
Dian Joubert

I agree with Chris Lang here. Zuckerburg is no businessman. He already lost share control from Facebook, If you don’t have control over your business you don’t have a business. Look at Warren Buffet, with a lot of his investments he ensures that he buys the majority shares in order to gain control.

No need to get upset though, this article was written by a French journalist with no idea what the real figures are. Pure speculation and personal vested interest to write articles that people want to read. Don’t ever listen to the media journalists, most of them live on pure hype.

23 10 2009
Brian McKinlay

everyone has the right and responsibility to encourage others to spend their money wisely. It’s in the best interest of humanity, your friends and yourself.

23 10 2009

hey dear love the way of using face book hope to meet with u take care

26 10 2009

Many folks here are just pestering with worlds…..go to h3ll. Do u know what it take 4 a simple site to b online….n this dud3 has even created api 4u n u still urge that he has not made it…At least I pray that God makes his days 50% more…….cheers…!

29 10 2009
ujjwal tandon

hey its gd nd keep it on my blessings r wid u

30 10 2009


I want to say that no doubt facebook is a good effort and due to this i met with my many friends.But now being a muslim I wanted to say please we respect other religion and wants other respect our religion.So kindly remove all group like Physically abusing the Holy Koran and against Muslim.I shall be very thankful to you.I think it would be very good that we use this forum for good thing not for violence .

Thanks & Regards,

30 10 2009

hey,mark,if u get this,am faced with an opportunity almost as big as facebook,….

2 11 2009

Mark Z. u r my role model. .

5 11 2009
Ibrahim Sesay

Well done Mark Z for owning such a wonderful network but use your head as the world needs your help for preventing the enviroment from being depleted and polluted.The fight against HIV/AIDS,Malaria etc,act now and you will be praise for a job well done.

24 11 2009
Kunle Adeyemi

U’re a genius Mark,i feel encouraged by your achievement.keep it up

5 12 2009
Jade Hill

Hello , i am going to tell you about a good way to get more moneyy,
You see, so many young facebook users have DS’s dont they , well if you , yes you make facebook init a DS game and sell that game for £30 each thenn you will become more richer then you already are , because people all over the world will buy them 1. because they are much cheeper then laptops , 2. because loads of people love facebook , but if you do make this wonderful prosuct that i have thought of then i would like 1% of all the profit you make .:)

Thank you loads .. Jade Hill E-mail me for more detail

7 12 2009

facebook i-m messaging is annoying with the sending aspect why cant that be fixed it’s annoying and it’s to damn slow

9 12 2009
pickz up!

the owner of the fb.,
is very amazing.,
for his age.,
i’m very proud of him!

19 12 2009
sanjeev agarwal

Please activate my account urgently,as I have lot of mental pressure and I could collapse because of nervous breakdown I am so addicted and my entire networking with my 4820 friends have come to a halt.it is such a shame for me I once again appologise for my mistake and beg you to resume my facebook soon

Sanjeev agarwal

20 12 2009
kamal kumar

no wonder hes so rich.
one thing 4 sure theres two types of people in the world ones who enjoy from website created by others and others are those who enjoy creating websites for the latter.

25 12 2009

you are grade person in this world.. actually i ‘am happy for you..

27 12 2009
pamela farris


27 12 2009
pamela farris


3 01 2010
Ahmed Awadallah


1 week ago I was trying to log in my facebook account, I get the following message.
“Your account has been disabled by an administrator. If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit our FAQ page here. “
I have searched all the reasons that can disabled my facebook account and I did not figure it out
I have sent more than 3 e-mails until now in this mail
However, I have 2 simple questions:
1) How can I have my account back?
2) How to create new account when the server keep my mail block?
Thanks for your time!

3 01 2010
Chris Lang

@Ahmed Awadallah,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Facebook. My friend faced the same problem. He had a large group built around Google Friend Connect topics. He sent an email to his group recommending my site and all of a sudden his profile and group were gone. That’s what social sites are for, sharing content, or so we believe.

We led a campaign asking Facebook to reinstate him since he had done nothing wrong. That worked, he was reinstated and has been fine ever since. Only thing I know to suggest, ask your friends on Facebook to do the same.

Here is where the so called benefits of a Facebook network can evaporate and the same thing in Twitter. They own your content and your profile and hence, your contact list.

That is why I prefer to operate and build my network around Google Friend Connect, Google Reader and Google Wave. Your contacts are stored in you address book as email addresses. You OWN that list and can back it up. It can’t just get disabled because of some brownshirt little Hitler admin on a social site.

We dealt with these types on Digg many times and sometimes you just can’t get your day in court with these guys. But if you are going to build networks for business or pleasure on any social site, be ready to lose them once in a while. Fact of life on the Internet.

3 01 2010
Ahmed Awadallah

Thank you Chris Lang for your help.

11 01 2010
Innocence Williams

Hey I was wondering why my facebook pages keep becoming disabled and I need them to be correct. I was just asking nicely if you can reactivate my account on facebook.

16 01 2010
benji billiot

you need to ching things becazzy my friend facebook whas hack i now the hacker his name is Roger La Follette Jr he got in his wife facebook becazz she left him her name is Tonya Miracle La Follette he hack her yahoo name and that how he chang evrything my is benji billiot

17 01 2010

hi fcbook owner..u are the best !!CONGRATULATIONS
i have three fcbook accounts
PLEASE can u give me 2 or 3 thousand euro,i need to pay taxes for my studies
thanks a lot hothowk@gmail.com

24 01 2010

i think he is very unstraight cause i cant say the other word

26 01 2010
bambang s

salut and respect to you facebook owner

29 01 2010

I think that facebook is the best website on the internet, i am so addicted to it, all i do everyday is go on facebook.
The facebook website is far too good, i would never doupt it.

31 01 2010


31 01 2010

GR8………i admire

1 02 2010
zillionaire to the 10th power

bongga jud cya oi…wla juy makalupig, nfairness nyc jud pod ang facebook, ako tapad diri namahaw, naniudto,nanihapon pati snaks ug pamainit facebook jud oi, way makabang bang, bisan mga abogado magdula na ug farmville…Go Go Go Mark Zuckerberg! i love you…hope you will send your spare wealth to us…take care!

1 02 2010
Ivan Francisco Bavastri

B.Tardes y pregunto la causa porque empeze en Facebook y ya llevo 50/51 jovenes conectandos alli y les envio a 15/20 mensajes por dia no todos y antes cupo 16 ahora 12 y ayer me advirtieron muy rapido y les pregunto si ven bien mi perfil y comprueban porque hacen esto y amenazas y otros por mensajes.-
Soy una persona de 48 años que vivo en una ciudad de 40 mil hab. y me conocen y quieren conectarce y Uds limitan . Las desearia me digan porque hacen eso.- Los conozco con los años los jovenes y ayudo con palabras como mis hijos.- Que clase de empresa son.- IVAN

4 02 2010

am very greatful with ur achievement.u realy did it and it works.thats what all youth should do now.bring out new think to improve the world and economy. am in Africa and also looking foward to bring new tin at net now.am proud of u Mr. West

6 02 2010

hi mark
how are u? hope ur doing wll.take care always….

11 02 2010
El'magnifico Elten

hi am Elten, i have been using facebook for a while now and for some time now i cant send a friend request to any 1 cos am always told to confirm my account and even when i do that another account confirmation page will come up, am sick and tired of confirming my account with out it actually being confirmed, please i need your help on this

13 02 2010

why is my facebook down like its been 2 days now all my friend can go on theres but i cant go on mine whats goin on im starting to get mad

13 02 2010

its says its under maintanince like ok y can every one els get on but not me

16 02 2010

gv some money to me

19 02 2010

plz am gettina website exactly like face book but now onme is entrin it plz guys try to spreadd it out

19 02 2010

http://www.odaialdajani.webs.com that is the website plz spread it out

20 02 2010
Abraham Anas

To be all that you can be,you must dream of being more. To achieve the the possible,you must attempt the impossible. Mark Zuckerberg!your name is the most important sound in your world. Give it with pride.

20 02 2010
Abraham Jad

Move on up. To be all that you can be,you must dream of being more. To achieve the the possible,you must attempt the impossible. Mark Zuckerberg!your name is the most important sound in your world. Give it with pride.

1 03 2010

I don’t know if I am sending this question to the right place but I realy need Facebooks help My neice Melissa Beltran has been missing for a week from Sacramento California she is 15 years old and is a sophomore at McClatchy High School She was last seen with a 18 year Daniel Valdez. Her father has custody of her and her two twin sisters. He reported her missing to the Sacramento Police department but I feel like thats not enough I sent tex messages with her picture and the information that if anyone knows anything about were she is to contact the Sacramento Sheriff department. I think that if Facebook can run a add just for a couple of weeks that it will help us so much in trying to find Melissa and bring her home. So please contact me if you can help us bring Melissa home please contact me at my email I will be waitin for your response Thank you for taking the time to read this God Bless you

7 03 2010
Heena - THE FAN OF MR.Aaron J. Greenspan.


10 03 2010
Emmanuel Alonge -Nigeria

Congratulations Face book man, Mark! I wish u more. BUT this is my advice: The WORTH of a man is NOT in the inflow of his bravura wealth; it is in how much his little or magnificent inflow is being used to save the groaning ones and their environment. It is God who gives power for wealth. More heights for u.

13 03 2010
jimi arisandi

it’s magic your become king of world, i still can’t bealive what just did happen

15 03 2010

he should buy many girls and fuck them

15 03 2010

Can u add an unlike button to facebook.com

16 03 2010
larisa smith

if you are a billionaire already why do u want us to pay want about people that are on a low income we cant aford that whay cant it stay free maybe alot of people on low incomes would be happy thank you for the fun im looking for my dad if i have too pay i wont be able to look any more
larisa smith

18 03 2010

He must spend this money in alcohol, drugs, sex, tobaco… If not, he’s really stupid.

20 03 2010

Wow… i adore your potentials, More kudos to you brother… ride on and think on how to be greater than the microsoft wizard Bill gate…

21 03 2010
Moses Morrison Ashun

wow men you are my role model and i am planning on over taking you in the year 2012.Watch out for me men……..but must say i really admire you.

24 03 2010
Strate Shots

WoW!!! you living every man’s dream boy!!! money, pussy, respect. I bet you went
or wanna go back to one of those bitches who thought you were a geek and tell ’em “suck my d!(&” ….

2 04 2010
Haku Tatak

good work, facebook is user friendly and there is nothing wrong if someone had come up with this great idea, i guess every responsible one deserves to be the shortlisted for greater wealth n power, best wishes to you Mark Zuckerberg.

6 04 2010

Cooool… he is really young….excellent!!!!

8 04 2010
vincent okwoche ogbu

its just amazine you are the guy everyone wants to be. mark is the BOMB

10 04 2010

Has anybody noticed something about facebook chats lately?

As in , the red pops seem not to be showing up any more, making it hard for the user to tell that he has got a chat msg untill he/she actually opens/clicks on the chat window.

I hope Mark and his team are sorting this out coz it’s really uncool for me not to be able to be alerted when a new chat is on!.

On the flip side, Mr Zuckerberg concentrated on the most important 4 letter word in the world “WORK” and itpaid off !. So all the youngstars out there should borrow a leaf.

18 04 2010
Jessica Woodham

This is Jessica Woodham wondering why my facebook page was diconected and wishing to for help to get it back call my number is 517-960-6994

25 04 2010
raquel encomienda



30 04 2010

He’s a piece of crap. He and his family should have been killed by Hitler.

2 05 2010

great work dude!!!!!!!!!
I wish i culd get a chance to meet a person like you

6 05 2010
Yolanda Wofford

Hello Mark

I am trying to get off facebook and everytime I deactivate my page everyone else can still see it can you please help me to delete my page thanks!

Please contact me asap!

12 05 2010
kunal k


16 05 2010
Akiko Mayo ✓

i love facebook:))

18 05 2010

i just wana say that of course facebook is a fine site but facebook is playing with muslims emotions.they are teasing us with “draw MOHAMMAD (PBUH) DAY”.and that is not fair.i stricktly condemn this issue.thay should must stop this as soon as possible.no body have no right to tease any one either he is muslim,sikh,hindu.chistian or jewish according to religious poiny of view.i request the managment of face book to stop this.

19 05 2010
adil sarfraz

what the hell iz this…
we totally condemn this act “draw mohammad(PBUH)”….
we all muslims are united to stop this…nd in case of you dont stop you all are going to b in a big trouble.nd u “mr. west” (a billionare) this iz the time of your downfall nd if you dont stop urself from such activities thn you will b a beger soon.thn u will start selling wests.sorry bt think over it….
have a peacful mind dont try to distrb otherwise u will rest in peace…….

19 05 2010

congrulation facebook have been blocked in muslim countries now get paid of organizing the event everybody draw muhammad sketch
delete alll the pages on facebook

19 05 2010
nusrat khan

I agree with u guys cz facebook ‘ve most member from muslim countries.They have to pay for it.I believe ALLAH is with us n they cant do.

19 05 2010
nusrat khan

EAST AND WEST MUSLIM ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19 05 2010
nusrat khan


19 05 2010
nusrat khan


19 05 2010
nusrat khan


19 05 2010
nusrat khan


19 05 2010

i think you should bain program that played with emosion and create distarbance in the world. if some one play with muslim’s emotions then “tell me what happand in the world”whoe’s responsible for this?
think dear.if im there then i kill them……………………..

19 05 2010

know you have gone………………………………….

19 05 2010

Dear Islam is the only right way to live, We the Muslims repect Prophet Jesus and Moses (peace be upon him) as Our Prophet Mohammad peace be upon him. The religion of all the Prophets were same as True Islam. All Prophet believed in onle One God. The alterations were done by ignorant people, who finded out to get something other than God, which may be idols, or even Prophets and virtuous people of God. Even some Muslims also do it. Prophet is a person who has received a specific and personal call from God to be a means of communicating God’s word. So plz respect all the Prophets, other wize wait for some signs of disasters and misery.

19 05 2010

hahahaha . . . . it is blocked now …
The main idea to launch the face book is to create a global community and links between the people. but unfortunately it’s becoming a place where anyone can finger any other person or nation ..
it is block and it is good enough.
i just want to say Fit-e-mooh .. meaning .. Fuck U ..

19 05 2010

hez just a bastard…… how can he do this…. draw muhammad day ………….inshallah will never use facebook…… mongerl dog

19 05 2010

lakh—lanat mark… meanz fuck off..fff.f..f.f.f. facebook…

20 05 2010

Dear Mark Zuckerberg,
I know that you are a young man who have to climb serial big and small step of your life, I will not say that what you have done is right or wrong because now its your inner self responsibility to correct your mistakes, ok tell me do you like if any one make your father or mother’s cartoons or call them with bad names.
Or you are wearing very good white soot and someone through mud on you, how do you feel truly tell me.
You have provided a very very good website for friends and family how you could separate one family member from another.
I know that you are still a simple human who still sleeps on the floor mattress; dear person like you should be a very good example for every one and Power means to give not to take you should keep spread happiness and smile to others not tears.
Dear disrespecting any one (Religion) in any shape is not a good work and remember one thing respect comes always first not money be happy and let every one happy.
Make things better always by your act, vision, mission let all try to make this world a very beautiful place to leave

20 05 2010

hi Mark Zuckerberg your work of Facebook was apprecated , but from now it gona be distroed soon! and one thing more to infrom u that u think freedome to speak is good !!! then i am speaking freedomly !!!! now it up to u you want to do it or not ? Delleting all relgion heating pages or not ….!!!!

20 05 2010

i have quit facebook and inshALLAH very soon everyone will . . .u go to hell !!! whats ur religion ?? is this wht it teach u ???
u hv hurt feelings ov fb users , they made u rich odrwise u were nothing . u don deserve the fortune !!!

20 05 2010

Mr you r billiniour at your home not ever ever make this kind of habbit again , you have insulted the muslims please be care full other wise we we will kill you. you r a thursty dog kute

20 05 2010

Fuke you blady dog

20 05 2010

You should be ashamed of your self say sorry mr billionior

20 05 2010

I Wanna Fuck u rascal blady dog u sell ur faith for some pennies
u should be hang till death u pig

21 05 2010

i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……
i want to kill the owner of facebook……

21 05 2010

i want to kill you….
and i will kill you…

21 05 2010

you bloody mother fucker

28 05 2010


28 05 2010

congratulation boy gago

31 05 2010

im really depresed because im 23 years old and i dont have money for buy anything but Mark Zuckerberg is a bilioner :((
im sorry for myself …
and good for him :(

3 06 2010

I am unhappy with the way facebook allows people to be bullied on their site. They claim that you can block them but the blocks doesn’t work. I am 54 years old and I am getting bullied by a 30 year old punk that thinks he is the greatest guy and everyone should bow down and kiss his butt. To bad my daughter thinks so highly of him and calls him her best friend. And to top it all off you can’t send facebook a complaint through their site. I would love to have them contact me so that I could show them exactly what this punk is saying to their older members. Oh! What the …… here is the last email he sent me. Isn’t this nice????
Brian Strassner June 3 at 1:20pm Report
I tried to play nice but you just a nasty ass CUNT! Your will be seeeing me in person with your son & daughter. You had your chance & now its game on bitch! Report report report you fat bitch & nothing will EVER HAPPEN! If you dont like it you can always block me if you can even figure it out you dumb shit. BOOGIE BOOGIE WHORE!

4 06 2010

Hez a JEW!

4 06 2010
Muhamamd Arfan

Dear Sir;
I am requested to you dear Sir i like facebook but whats going on this social site Make fun Of Holy Prophet Plz stop this otherwise Site Destory Bec GOD destory every thing who againt theire Prophet I am happy with the way facebook allows people to be bullied on their site. But I m Unhappy whta ews doing on this site.
Muhamma Arfan

7 06 2010

Dear Sir,

I am asking for your help to deactivate or ban a fan page that targets me and other people on our city. This fan page is causing trouble and humiliates me and other people. They took pictures of us without our permission and put it on their page and say bad things about us. They are doing Cyber bullying. Hoping for your quick response regarding this situation. Thank you and God bless.

13 06 2010

Hi Ignorant people,

Why are you wasting you time what this have and what not think about what you have you are jelous, stop wasting your time, and let the guy enjoy his money he can do what ever he wants why you people got pain up the ass. He deserve and this is density,

13 06 2010

why cant i open my facebook?? it always says that “account unavailable your account is temporarily unavailable due to site maintenance.it should be available within a few hours.we apologize for the inconvenience.” but i cant wait please help me with my problem!!

17 06 2010

your are a big man……………just spend your money wisely……………………and do some creative work on your site

20 06 2010

muslim don’t like success?why?,coz they dont good things happening around them…..go and create your own social site rather treathning this guy……….just free him and let him be…………………you destiny killer’s,as for me i prefer to be his maga…….pls let him spend my…………money…….you destiny killer’s go die…………………………………………………………………………and go to hell and fuck ur 32 virgins…ingnorant

20 06 2010

Muslim don’t like success?why?,coz they don’t good things happening around them…..go and create your own social site rather treathning this guy……….just free him and let him be…………………you destiny killer’s,as for me i prefer to be his maga…….pls let him spend my…………money…….you destiny killer’s go die…………………………………………………………………………and go to hell and fuck ur 32 virgins…ignorant

21 06 2010
berisol betemariam

i love him so much. i think he has known why GOD created him. though a lot of ppl are still abusing his effort. love ya man. a true American keeping the statuesque.

21 06 2010
clifford oppong

i think theyoung billionaire shd be allowed to be himself,but all i want him to do is to support the needy,especially in africa where his website is proudly used.

22 06 2010
William Crawford

I was just wondering how has my facebook account been hack people are getting things sent from me without me sending anything. Please let me know how.

26 06 2010
tobby williams

thank u :Mark Zuckerberg

27 06 2010

theres a problem the problem is you dont have anyway to block people who eather block you or harass u in other ways so i think u need to fix this problem. dont get me wrong it is fun place to have account throught but there is lots of glitches in it. cause when the person block you they can still see what your writing.so you can see what im talking about.

30 06 2010
hosea {baba-dee}

you are already a big man…..just try and creat more stuff to your site

4 07 2010
Rev Dr.O.D. Robinson Psy.D

It no money in what I do to meny people can not pay anything, but I will be faithfue unto the end your America community organizer I have a vision that a change will come theme ask and it shall be giving unto you, help keep America strong.
I will know when I hear from you join me on your facebook you are a star here on earth. I am just a man helping both night and day

Rev Dr .O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

5 07 2010
lodoe lama

he is the greatest man ever seen.how couldhe earn so much of money

8 07 2010

whatever he wanna do in his money we dont care ^_^ he is the owner he reach that money from his self…

14 07 2010

God bless to him

15 07 2010

Wow, I work my tail to the bone everyday and get like nothing for it. I mean compaired to him.Im a slave. But born and raised a hard worker i will die as one. So mark i must say you have outdone yerself and we could all be so lucky to run into you. I believe in our hearts we are all family. To make someone smile is everything in life. A brain is a terrible thing to waste. So do the thing that matters the most in life. Help others. Please help me. My ideas are everlasting. I know im no harvard student but i also know how to make the world a better place.

15 07 2010
becky rayner

I wish the guy well … but i would like to be able to chat with my family and friends, the reason i joined facebook…..i have tried submitting mt problem as requested but nothing has changed please.. please can someone help me to rectify the problem….. all my contacts appear offline.. when i know there not..

19 07 2010

I wish I had just $1 million, Then I could saved my family.

21 07 2010
angelo christiano

Is there anyway you can stop the cursing on facebook?

22 07 2010
Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

America community organizer.

The People In America,s should be proud of the self made billionaire Mr. Mark
Zuckerbeng for his generosity to the people of the world,he let people us facebook in this weak economy, he has oper doorer for the majority and the minority, what a great person he is and those who work for facebook,some people are reproach about facebook, but my fellow user you should be proud.
it is not anything wrong with facebook, it is just those who do not take care and watch their (Child) or ( children) awaken you parents and give Mr Mark
Zuckerbeng some praise. keep up the Generosity Mr Zuckerbeng,
thank you my fellow America,s read this

Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy. D
America community Organizer

22 07 2010

I hope that facebook improve the security system, since this site has gain an incredible importance among the international Society, An there is an interest from other parties to see how much they can suck out of this idea. I am afraid they already tray to hijack my page once before.

23 07 2010
Gus Deligiannidis

Facebook opened a new group called “Kershaw SC restaurant’s suck”. Started by Eric M. Catoe. They used a picture that is copy righted and slandered personal owners here in Kershaw. This is disgraceful down right illegal and must stop!! Please e-mail me back with details on what I can do to stop this immediately. You may contact my office at 803-475-3235 or my cell 803-416-2846. I must talk to somebody immediately.

Thank you so much
Gus Deligiannidis

26 07 2010
Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

My friend on facebook inspire me with great word of inspiration I know that every one have their own mind and the way they think, as America community organizer I hear people speak some is good and some is bad, but let there be love instead of hatred ,and you will sleep well, joy instead of sadness, I have a vision that in some way we are all beautiful in your own way,inspire me, kindness instead of misconception, my fellow America,s never be reproach
about me because I am just a man, I never receive any pay for what I do,
but he that has no name gave it to me and I am share it with you, believe in your self,because help is on the way,this is a new day in America,
join me on facebook say I can and I know that I can, said it loud
we thank you for facebook,

I see you when I see you
theme a penny saved is a penny earned

Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D

27 07 2010
prynce edd

i’m really inspired by this young man’s achievement!

29 07 2010

May the Lord bless your endeavors as their is so much awesome potetial to send out positive messages and content to the world. I thank you for all you have done and wish you success from strength to strength. I hope to be using your platform more and more to spread words of inspiration and spiritual growth. A keen and grateful follower

4 08 2010

i ain,t gat much 2say,but all d same.i wud lyk 2say thank u,nd,live your life wisely

7 08 2010
every body draw Jesus

Everbody draw mohameds S.A.W I Instead I created every body draw Jesus see u !

12 08 2010

i m the real owner of this website ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-just kidding ha haha

14 08 2010

i want to become like u.can u help me.??

15 08 2010

i hate this person & this site.beacuse he and it did not respect my religion and my holy prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

16 08 2010
Alan Osmond

My name is Alan Osmond, the eldest of the performing Osmonds. I am wondering if you could make a facebook for families so that we can address ways to “Strengthen Families”. Physically, Mentally, Socially, Spiritually and Financially.
I would like it to have the same good options with pictures, audio, video, and have “Friends of” the Family, with a “History” section where you can find your past relatives!
I believe that it would have mass appeal with redeeming values for the individual family members and help Strengthen The Family!


27 08 2010
emmanuel ede

ma acct waz disabled 4 doin notin…why????plz can u restore it back 4 me…thanx

27 08 2010
uche chuks

i have an idea that can rule the world like facebook intrested parties should call me on this line+2348096787185

27 08 2010
uche chuks

l have an idea that can rule the world like facebook intrested party/parties should call me on +2348096787185

9 09 2010

Dear Face book publishers,

I have one question for you. How do I know the identity of a person who uploaded a video on my wall?

14 09 2010
rebekah taylor

hey there i have along with a few of my friends reprted a page to facebook …
it is descriminating and not called for they are pretending to be under te name
RebekahDip ShiTaylor .. why is nothing being done about this ? !!

thankyou r.taylor

15 09 2010
michelle sanchez

is it true that your deleting facebook. i have family from out of state i talk to on there

18 09 2010
reema nathani

hi mark..
wats up??
u look great in dat pic u know…i mean so happy..

a little advice for u dude..
dont mind to wat these people say…but do listen to some of dem who have queries abt facebook..YOUR FACEBOOK…
it’ll help u to shine even more..
enjoy life :)

18 09 2010
Chris Lee Vickery

I got Three times Disabled Facebook..

I m really pissed off facebook company.
I want to back to my facebook right now!!!!!!!

19 09 2010
achini nisansala

this is good opportunity to meet new friends.

20 09 2010

for some reason, I agree with this guy n his comment:

alsoabillionaire (05:30:26) : he should buy a new face j/k!

but it was funny. =)

20 09 2010
Ayomaria Famusan

The world youngest billionaire,i love u so mush. At this your age you are known worldwide for good,please dont allow pride to rule you and avoid insulting any religion. Keep it up.

20 09 2010

on face book it say i am temporty unavabile i really want that fixs like now please help some one must hack in my account so thank you and i want this fix

21 09 2010
Burnett Birthwright

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23 09 2010



23 09 2010

i was wondering whether you can sponsor bright kids from poors families in kenya

24 09 2010

I am and my team are walking in the Memory Walk 2010 for Alz-himers I need walkers and donations big time could you please help me out with this ???? I know your abusy man but their is one person in every family with this disease and it’s a really hard one to except- anyway please help us in anyway you can THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH ‘for FACE Book I would have never found friends I have been looking for years ….Keep the good work up and could I come to work for you I really need to get a better job so I can work harder on this Disease causes more,,,Thanks Rachel

27 09 2010

if i had that much, i’ll buy whatever i want but of course, i’ll be a good person as well..

29 09 2010
Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

My Young friend in America I have on my mind today that that President Obama need your help in this November Election to keep the Democratic partys in Washington those of you who are 18 years of age you only have until October 2nd to get your name on the roll book, as I told you before President Obama is just a man he need all of our help to help keep the Congressman in office and Senator as well, I say to you Sarach Palin and other have tryed to hurt the President with word,when I tryed to vote in Mississippi years ago thay told me that I would have to pay poll taxed for two years before I could vote
that was a mess to deal with, the Republican party had only been reproach thay have not voted with the Democratic party because thay do not know what to do to bring about Jobs,my fellow America,s business have lay off people inorder to work a few people much harder, and make the same amount of money, I an just telling like it is,As America Community Organizer I ask you to talk about it, those of you who are on the jobs know that thing have change not because thay have lost jobs sales but just because we are in a weak economy, think about it, that is what on my mind today
you know it as well as I do.
vote Democratic

Your America community organizer

Rev Dr. O. D. Robinson Psy.D
send a comments

29 09 2010
jurmelle hall

i need your help facebook want let me login no more

4 10 2010

How to set up own website just like facebook anyone can teach me ?

8 10 2010

did is good

9 10 2010

What the way you can do it by creating facebook ?

9 10 2010

I want us to get married right now what do you say!!!!

14 10 2010

I have a super great idea that will help facebook and bring more revenue……..
I will like to meet with facebook representative or owners……
I don’t know what procedures to fallow but this is a start……

16 10 2010
aakashar rai

I thnk facebuk is gret and thumbz up 2 mark.tht waz pure genius.im wekin on an online project and rily wish 2 make wavz too.abt being a bilionare….jus do wat u feel is ryte…

16 10 2010
babangida ibrahim

please sir
i cannot add anybogy as a friend on facebook
please sir hep me

18 10 2010

dude your the bomb……………

21 10 2010


22 10 2010

this guy is a nobody, he does’nt deserve anything but God is so loving and loves him so much.. i just hope He see’s that . that everything he has right now its God given. . sad thing is.. he praises himself and does not believe in God.. he is still the poorest guy on earth for not believing in God. lets all remember there is always life after death.. and if we chose to believe God we will live eternally in His kingdom.

i know for sure many would react and say im crazy and all. how funny it is.. we wast time on things and people’s life but when it comes about God they laugh… soo sad.. God Bless all of you. And good job Mark.

24 10 2010

i like what you have done men.all be posting my invention very soon that am sure will be better than yours.but no offence dude

26 10 2010
eysenck aldrenk


2 11 2010
taayey winston

am just crazy about u

3 11 2010
Okenye Zablon Edwin

i hope one day that i will be one of the billionaire by the time i will be 23 years old or even more that what Mark you have achieved i hope everything is with determination.

6 11 2010
Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

Community Organizer. on my mind to day I need an up date web site Mark, so that I can write on a site and people can reply,
I say to you today my friends. though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow i still have a vision it is a vision deeply rooted in the American movement but we hold these truths we live in liberty in time past the late John Hancock would say to the American people this is not a fun game in America, where men are laughing at President Barack Obama,I have a vision that we must stop playing around people need help in America it not a joke
we have young Children listen at men on TV, and the radio all day long talking bad about our leader,now I will say that just because the Gop has the most seats we still have an uphill climb, I have a vision that the Republicican party and the Democratic party must come together my friends let us not be like the third world Country, we must stay together and move on,it is still dark but the morning will come, then we can see,
some one asked where do we go from here well I say to you all of Washington must have a solution and a some straight plan,

the key word, our young Children are watching.

Rev Dr. O.D. Robinson Psy.D.

Community Organizer

6 11 2010

Very nice inspiration..
thumbs up!

7 11 2010
Alex from ethiopia

Man u’r good u did a good job be strong so keep it up.
Addis Abeba Ethiopia

7 11 2010

well he should give all that money to …… me
that would be better

9 11 2010
arif ahmadzai afghanistan

dear zucker.
i m from afghanistan .i m very happy to know about you.
the question is that what will you do on this huge amount of money .
i tell the right way to use a bit of this money in our region .
because here people are excecting themselves. like suicides.

its ur responsibelity to view on these issues.

11 11 2010

hello i just want to make friends with you…

12 11 2010
Mason Dixon

What does facebook sell? Advertising?

14 11 2010

After watching the movie… SOCIAL NETWORK? I fell in love with you MARK… hahaha… You are such a gifted genius…
God is really amazing!

20 11 2010

Hey Mark, have the heart to share a couple millions to us please!

We won’t be selfish to send you our bank account numbers :)

24 11 2010
stephen fernandes

Big congrats’ Mark, to the young innovator. Keep up the spirit and let us have more. millions Of people meet here by your Great Job, thanks to God for the Gift of you to this World. Cheer !

God bless you

Stephen Fernandes Goa India/Oman

24 11 2010

why did u yell at me for adding people. there is this application on ur site tht lets us add peolpe and i was bein careful there are other ppl tht add ppl tht they dont know and they add them so why did i get yelled at????plus my parents watch everything i do so i dont get into trouble with facebook and i did anyways i dont understand at all

25 11 2010

hello mr. west
i am a young fashion designer from nigeria, i would like to partener with you

3 12 2010

why our fanpage is deleated without warning?. you should have email us first. pls mr west answer me

3 12 2010

Mr. West Wakes Up am gonna be the next mr west african wakes up and the youngest multimillionaire cos i knw the real norealyogo and everyday am hustling (DNT HATE)

9 12 2010
Rupesh Som

wow……………..itna kam age me itni badi sucsses nice

9 12 2010
Rev Dr.O.D.Robinson Psy.D.

Dear Mark,
will you help me pay of my Church building, I had two Churches that was burn down to the ground a few years ago the people across America help me to rebuild one of the building back we had no insurance on the two if you help pay of the one building it will be a blessing from God and you, our building was burn down due to hate crime and arson I still owe $47,000 dollar on the loan that we borrowed it will take the next 15 years to pay that of if you help pay it of you will own part of it or report that to the IRS write off, we need that donation to save the building that we are in.
Contact number 662-719-1539

Mailing address

Urban Life Center,Inc
c/c Rev Dr, O.D. Robinson Psy.D.
P.O. Box 205
Mound Bayou, Ms. 38762

Church Name, beautiful star Missionary Baptist Church

E-Mail beauthope@nexband.com

10 12 2010
david rhinehart

Mr.Zuckerberg It was on the news that the richest young man was going to give some money away. So i though i would just ask for some. You can see me and read about on face book. Don’t how much was true. But i would use the money wisley. Been around this world long . If it is the millions just one would do me and my wife the rest of our life. Thank you David Rhinehart 280 Embos Island st, Leesburg ,alabam 35983 phone 256 453 9230

10 12 2010
david rhinehart

Mr. zuckerberg I havenot sent you any mail befor. I will short . MY wife and i need some money, heard on the new you were going to give away some. putting name in hat, thank you david rhinehart 256 453 9230 280 Imbose Island street leesburg al. 35983 thanks again.

13 12 2010
brian merchant

hi im trying to borrow a thousand dollars to help with my bills and have a great christmas for my 3 girls. my wife and 2 daughters. my credit is shot. we are on the poor list. i would be blessed with help and you will to. i wish i was rich and never have to be stressed out so much. please i need help. thanks. my number is 315 709 9770.

15 12 2010
tii georgina

from ghana and want mr mark zuckerberg to help me fancially .

17 12 2010
kingsley chinonso obi

My bro, you are God bless,i wish am like you,pls if you can help me i want to see you, i want to come to your country work for you and you will be paying me, pls help me i need your help, God will continue blessing you with more wisdom,knowledge and understanding amen. Dis is my phone #: +2348132643476. My email: kingzy43@yahoo.com thanks and God bless.

17 12 2010
hilda tyson

Mr. Zukerberg…i have 2 children appointed to me thru court who went on facebook games …used my debit card without my knowledge…charged almost 500.00 to my bank…which i don’t have on deposit….we are on a fixed income and never could afford that amount of money..i do on occasion buy them some credits ..but never on that scale…Please see what you can do to eliminate this charge…for each amount that they bought ..(9)of them..i will be charged 35.00 each…i hope to hear from you soon..their names are Rose and Shania Santilli..if you need that info….please send an e-mail as quickly as possible …NO CHRISTMAS AT MY HOUSE THIS YEAR >>>

26 12 2010
Donna McCoy Olsen


26 12 2010
AQeeL Shah

i also wna great Richer in the world

27 12 2010

he his my hero

29 12 2010

need a bull barn on farmville

2 01 2011
Yvette Bagley

Thank you for allowing me the virtue to utilize this facebook tool in the following ways:
My daughter suffered a heart attack on March 20, 2009 after a 4 day stay in the Labor and Delivery at a hospital. She went in on March 17, 2009 for a simple fetal monitoring test, preclamsia and pre labor persisted resulting in a hospital stay. She suffered the heart attack resulting in a 20-30 minute oxygen loss before they got a pulse. My grandaughter was delivered by c-section while they were placing the breathing tube in my daughter.
My granddaughter pulled through after a 3 1/2 week stay from being on on the Ventilator, and my daughter as of today remains in a persistent vegetated with minimal conscious, she opens her eyes and griminance to pain. I have custody over all the children, she has a total of 4 girls, 15, 11, 5 and 21mos. I am also raising my two sons 16 and 13. It has been a challenge, my 21 month old gets O/T AND P/t. When this all happened the 15 year old father asked if he could assist in taking her back and forth to school for one week I agreed, this was in March of 2009. Well to make a long story short. He decided to keep her away from us, including her siblings. Well the whole time she was gone, we fought for custody and it was a long drawn out process well needless to say, I was inspirational in viewing her comments on facebook. Her feelings and posts of what was going on in her life made me realize that she was being abused in some way.

Well sad to say, we received a phone call from her in September of 2010 she had been physically abused by her father, and since then CPS has awarded me custody of her, still some court proceedings, but constant gratitude of reuniting them all together.
Thanks, again for allowing the opportunity and room for “WHATS ON YOUR MIND” box, and letting ones have access to certain comments.

It has been very challenging because when a tragedy strikes, heartache takes place and having to live the life of two women with no help or assistance is very challenging.

Thanks again.

Baltimore, Md

11 01 2011
wekesa w simon

please we appeal to you please dont do as the news says that you are going to close the face book because we are going to loose a lot of friends romours in Kenya dont know exactly if it is true please say something

11 01 2011

please on behalf of my friends n family we are begging you not to close down facebook cos the impact will be very bad if you do……..please am begging you….please….

13 01 2011
Dairo peter holarhkunley

Its so nice to have taught of building that great mobile community that helps to reconnect with old friends and some other interesting things..may the ALMIGHTY GOD continue to be with you..

13 01 2011
Yinka Omirinde

WOW.. I really love his creativity idea…He should not stop researching for more development about site…And I pray God should help him.

13 01 2011
regie galut

pls. dont close this facebook.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 01 2011

hey guy tell were nd how to make my cash on face book,plz i need it……..just THAT u are tooooooooo much and intelligent……..am seriously speaking i need money…….

17 01 2011


18 01 2011

diosmio amigos aportolatus cemigrante alponsii asi tion a facebook comunsaltos ni a ambeyertondo… =)

18 01 2011

i have children and lately there is been treats made against us how do you allow this individual have facebook do you screen what they write on please take some time and remove thie siturbed kid before he hurts other or us please please contact me

20 01 2011

how could he think such type of idea in creating such typeof social networking programme im keen interested in knowing

21 01 2011

Mr Zuckerman
I have few questions for you…there is a fake profile of my daughter on facebook and we all (my daughter and family members) have tried to get this fake profile off and nothing has being done about this..what are you going to do? and I am sure there are alot of people that have the same problem, we need your reasurance that this would not happen again, maybe you can put someone on an application stating to prove who you are or something…this person is ruining my daighter life….HELP PLEASE, your employees have done nothing to correct this promblem…can you?

21 01 2011

Great job Mark, Facebook has it all.
What’s next?

23 01 2011

hey mark…u r such a great person,u hav done a terrific work by creating facebook for us…this really helps to get connected wid our friends n loved one that is billion worth for us…God bless you…

25 01 2011

hi wat’s up i really luv ur talant keep it up and i pray God will be with u always stay bless.Goddey

28 01 2011

Hi, face book…

im big fan of u…

love u…
god bless u…

29 01 2011

Marc,thanks to us u are now so rich
so it is time to share that blessing
i do accept any donations
u can contact me at maxacuari@hotmail.com or on facebook
thank u
a small donation won t hurt u and will make u feel better ;)
it is yhe law of univers to share your blessing
God bless you

29 01 2011

i promise and garranty to share 10% of what u are going to send me with people who do need it
i also would like to install a water companie to give away free water to people who realy needs it
in mexico water is expensive
thank u to help me out on that proyect
God bless you

29 01 2011

i heard you and some others billionaires are going to give away part a there fortune
let me help u out on that proyect please
i have so many proyect for so many places that the only thing i need are sponsors
there is so many people on earth who need help but not that many people to help
please allow me to be one of those through u and thanks to u
beleive me it is worth to give a try
all the good things u will do will come back by dozen
if you want to know about some proyect please contact me at
thank u
God bless U

1 02 2011
Guillermo Newbery

The big problem with this is that Facebook is owned by the CIA and special agencies within the Federal Government, and that they are having a record of all the data that anybody in the world is putting in Facebook. It has become the greatest scam of all ages, everybody rushing to the gas chamber in Auschwitz with the Facebook mood.

3 02 2011
Rosanne Obryant

Well, that could be great, but what about the other options we’ve got here? Do you mind making one more post about them as well? Thx!

8 02 2011
shawn banks

why cant i change my name an every body else can change there name???? i love facebook but this is not right i just seen my man change his name but when it come to me changeing my name it tell me i cant and thats not right??? am i going to get answered back or not if not i will tell all my friends not to go to this site no more an their friends to so they friends will tell there friends then i will take this to the news ??????

11 02 2011

is facebook goin to be slosed down?cuz we hearing is goin to be closed

14 02 2011
roses of love

i want your face

23 02 2011

dis guy is too much

23 02 2011

dis guy is too much!!!!!!!!!!

24 02 2011

Hello facebook! I created a chat group in facebook! I am wondering now why it is offline when we all could still chat together in one chatgroup. Plz answer my query. I am so much bothered by it. Thank you!

25 02 2011
john steven grissom

come on. Most of these “single dating sights” or sights where people can ‘keep in touch” with others like myspace, facebook, twitter, etc, etc, that DO NOT charge to use their web sights make their money off of advertising…pure and simple. just like radio and TV… Come on, take a few classes at your local junior college or pick up a few books on marketing, and youll have a little better understanding of how the game is played instead of just guessing.
John Steven Grissom stevegtexas@aol.com Fort Worth, Texas USA.

27 02 2011
deandre atkinson

are you rilly shuting down facebook?

28 02 2011
bolatito stevens adesina

that is the kind of record that any young man is praying for ………………and thank God we have a young guy among the best…………………..

5 03 2011

Thanks GOD you have been a youngest billioner. Dont forget to pay attention to the poor man so they can feel the nice the life ok!

8 03 2011

Bro! you have luck and remember that luck is from God.Put him firsty.

10 03 2011
jhuxthine yhamhashitha

thnks for the facebook
becouse of the facebook i can see may mother in the othe place thnkyou very much to the owner thats all i want to know you

11 03 2011

i im a big fan of urs

12 03 2011
paven deol

pls dnt close this fb bcause we hv many memories..in fb..pls i bag u

14 03 2011

that’s good but iam worreid about something that always making me feel sad i heard that facebook is going to be restrike at afghanistan and pakistan, but i am sure that mark zuckberg is a good billinor boy :P actully its based to the goverment by the way if any1 give me detialz about it i will be thankfull.

17 03 2011

good achievements sir

18 03 2011
jerry ali

wooooooooowwwww,i just hope he does something important with his money,never the less he is great…..

20 03 2011

Congrats Mr West it is a great achievement of ur life at your age. The best you could do is to make use of your time and money wisely because another wizard might spring up tomorrow like you do toady. All the best

21 03 2011

we encounter some interruption in our facebook , ang hirap maglog.in whats happening ?

21 03 2011

Hi i want to getting my carrier with you as a web designer thank you

24 03 2011
Karen Baisley

I would like to make Marc’s friend list…Mom

25 03 2011

yes yes yes………………
it’s incredible..

27 03 2011

Well done Mark! Its good when smbdy makes it at such a young age..an inspiration to so many people..Godbless you.

28 03 2011

The qstion still stand what u did iz it normal? but i geuss its normal coz u did it man.

3 04 2011

hi bro.u blessed man by God so gve him praise,als
o remember to share ur wealth with those disabled
men right here in africa.am tanzanian a country frm
east afrca,plz let us comuncate through my email
chapatitz@yahoo.com and tel.0255717593567
keep it up guy!

3 04 2011

why is it that i cant access to add friends

3 04 2011

there is an attempt for me if i know the person as in personally

3 04 2011

i need to have friends so that i can socialize theme

4 04 2011

who knows how i can contact Mark Zuckerberg ,i have a great idea but i do not have enough money to build my own website

4 04 2011

i want to ask u zuki that would you plz help the people who are suffering diificulties under israeli military mean zionist

12 04 2011
What Happened to Limewire

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on a internet. You truly know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. A lot more individuals have to read this and realize this side on the story. I cant feel youre not more popular simply because you truly have the gift.

13 04 2011

Continue the good work. You are trying a great deal!

24 04 2011
MacClurkin Osei Carusha

I think you use some of your money to help the NEEDY(ORPHANS)God bless you

24 04 2011
Jose Derek M. Lim

hi i am jose derek i like to know you and i want to know how did you make your website. facebook.com can you send me am message of how did you made the facebook website thank you may god bless you please send you reply on my facebookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk happy easter

26 04 2011

Hi!Mark Zukerberg,i’m uche precious,a facebook fan and subscriber.my facebook has been blocked up to 4times.i’v finally retrieved it,but can’t add a friend any longer 2 my friends.pls help me 2 have access of adding friends of my choice.i like ur kind of person.u’r so young,rich,wise,intelligent and go ahead and moving on to a promising and brighter future.it’s a nice and wise investment.if i’m 1.5billion dollar rich,i will make a bigger wise,good and a growing investment dat will never collapse,will grow 4rm generation 2 generation,dat will keep my name growing,and d world will read,tell and learn about me,even in d grave my name will still live

4 05 2011

i cant post anything on my games can you help me out?

6 05 2011

i think he should go to dentist FIRST and get his tooth cleaned…eeeeeeeeeeh

15 05 2011
Dennis Didas

Impressive idea, we still use his idea and god will help him to think more and more as the day pass! we need creative people like him!

15 05 2011
Robert Kiatu

Yeh man, thanx for making us connection wit facebook, millions Of people meet here by your Great Job. God bless U.

22 05 2011

Hello! Mark I live in Cambodia , my name is Nget sopheak ,I thought you are very clever to make up a Facebook site for many peopl
e in the world to chat and conect together , It’ll be good for society , And at the end I would like to wish you good luck in your life and’ prosperity,

23 05 2011

let him all of those people , he will make another something new , that also useness for us like facebook , he will bring again goodness , see and hope later. he is second bill gates

25 05 2011
faisal khan


2 06 2011
Heather Allard

I was wondering how to get someone off facebook when you try so hard to block them but they just don’t go away and they keep bugging your friends to have them block you and not be friends please I need help this is really bugging me and pissing me off

4 06 2011

Facebook is the must greatest site

7 06 2011

The guy is worth a billion dollars, may be more! I could care less if anyone thinks its hard-work or not the fact that it is legally he’s is formidable in its own right, so everyone can sulk or tell him how to use he’s money, all I’m gonna do is raise a glass to success and an honest living hope someone out there joins me.

9 06 2011

Wow what a blessing, common easy to connect no traffic!! and he’s my mentor

9 06 2011
Rutika Thawle

do mark hav facebook account…………….

12 06 2011

dear mark my facebook account has been block i,m not able to talk to my friends and family not able to add them up why i,m block for 14 days and fourteeth days has past i,m still haveing problem i know you work very hard hor your website please help me out my name is lilybethruia my email is lilybethruiz1@hotmail,com i want to thank you please try to help me there are no 13 kids on my account but i add my 13 year old daughter she dont have facebook i just only put how many kids i havelet me know in my email that just gave youthank you so much for perviateing us with your website

19 06 2011

hello! mark i live in Nigeria,my name is idris Ibrahim , I thought you are very clever to make up a Facebook site for many peopl
e in the world to chat and conect together , It’ll be good for society , And at the end I would like to wish you good luck in your life and’ prosperity…..

20 06 2011
zoreshi khani

hellooo sir someone using my pictures in his fake account sir please help me i m very poor sir sir its my respect please delete all picture in his account please sir for god sake… :(

22 06 2011


25 06 2011

it would be nice if we can talk about my page i have my exs girl all over her an her exs man talkin crazy an u need to shut them out over im bring both of them to court an i copied all of it from im page im not bein bullied anymore its been goin on for likr four mons. i report it an they still have there page not kool… please inbox my facebook i cant get to my email dont no why

30 06 2011
mel meyes and Miz Jduy

I need help to understand this: When I begin to use facebook, I was able to post my pictures to share of Farm Town farms. Now it won’t even show up after I take a picture to send..Is it Farm Town with a glitch or has Facebook refused to accept these again?

2 07 2011
samuel obt

i cant really figure out how this young guy did it… if only he can expose what actually brought him to this stage i bet you i will be so more than glad cos have been also trying to do somethings like this… where can i get the funds… sponsors… God help me i want to be wealthier than this young guy..

4 07 2011
prashant agrawal

u r such a great guy . god bless u

6 07 2011
craig hollayehimey smith

this site helps me alot to connect,u r such a great guy

7 07 2011
Bhai Saroj

i love you facebook…………… really put in my heart.

7 07 2011
Bhai Saroj

missing u face…………………..book…………… my num for u +9779847188616

10 07 2011
Ruben Alvarado

Keep up the good work. I like to make a good web site. One day.

14 07 2011
Hemavathy Bala

u r great!!!!!!!!!!!thank you for your lovely discovery

17 07 2011
Ukpeh Edidiong Emmanuel

Mark am proud of you, not because you are a billioniar but because you are an achiver,legend and creator of the social network known as facebook, i admit that i have fail , but will never give up. Am 22 years old Nigerian a specialist in networking. Mr Mark i believe is your time and there nothing anybody can do about, but i will strongely advice you to your money wisely by assisting the less previledge and the needy.Mark am proud of you, not because you are a billioniar but because you are an achiver,legend and creator of the social network known as facebook, i admit that i have fail , but will never give up. Am 22 years old Nigerian a specialist in networking. Mr Mark i believe is your time and there nothing anybody can do about, but i will strongely advice you to your money wisely by assisting the less previledge and the needy.

17 07 2011
Ukpeh Edidiong Emmanuel

Mark am proud of you, not because you are a billioniar but because you are an achiver,legend and creator of the social network known as facebook, i admit that i have fail , but will never give up. Am 22 years old Nigerian a specialist in networking. Mr Mark i believe is your time and there nothing anybody can do about, but i will strongely advice you to your money wisely by assisting the less previledge and the needy.

18 07 2011

i have an idea thats really better than facebook if only i could get in contact with the ceo or mark

18 07 2011
mary thomas

hello this is mary thomas the mother of 2 kids that got facebook and ond of them is trisha is getting bad comments on there about her and i would like for you to do something about these young kids that is saying that they are 18 or older on there talking bad and they is not who they are can you stop it for me because if you go on there now you will see the stuff they is talking right now please because they is making up ages to get facebook pages and you guys is leting them do that if you don’t take them off i will take you to court.thank you ms. thomas by the why i’am over 18 years of age.

21 07 2011
richard draughn


24 07 2011

Thank to God and i really sincerely and hearty pray that Lord will give wisdome and knowledge to use this blessings as per HIS will and wish.
May God Bless you, Lord will use you mightily in spreading Word of God throughout the World. He can do anything.

28 07 2011
Ashique Ash

very nice

31 07 2011

He need to sit with his old friend that he fuck over so bad an become fucking friends again okay , that shit was not cool at all what he did to him okay and one more thing I know he fell like shit with all that fucking money. Hi movie fucking suck .

6 08 2011
BP Kamal

Dear sir

1. I am a Lt Col in the Army and presently posted in Jammu.
2. I have some very new inventions and innovations in the following fields:

(a) Software – Inventive and innovative software packages for different sectors. Expected market $100 billions
(b) Aeronautics – inventive/innovative aircrafts(engine & aircrafts modifications) along with new type of aircrafts , which will make air travel cheaper/equivalent to 2 AC fares of the train. Expected market $50 billion
(c) Vehicle Technology –Replacing Night head lights of the vehicles which will nullify the blinding effect and can the technology be used in normal life. Expected market $50 billion
(d) Computers – Inventive/innovative computers and creative use of hardware. Expected market $20billion
(d) Power Generation – Invention(new way of producing electricity). Expected market More than $200 billion
(e) Electronics – Inventions/innovative electronic gadgets. Expected market in the international market is $20 billion
(f) Agro sector – Intelligent use of land and innovative agricultural concepts ( a boon for the country). Expected market $2000 billion and more if extended to the world simultaneously
(g) Miscellaneous inventions/innovations covering the fields like marketing strategies, alternative to the paints, interior designing new concepts

3. I am looking forward to business industries Pvt/govt owned from all over the world who can help me in producing products based on these inventions/innovations and also grant me the patents for the same.

4. Please take personal interest and write/advice me if any companies are willing to tie up with me for the patents and the production.

5. Since these are mega projects , I am seeking your help as you have the required platform to give the publicity through the media.

I have a wonderful idea which can be more successful than facebook.Are you willing to explore it with me as i do not know how to design the software

With regards and best wishes

12 08 2011

you`ll soon be 2011 bill gates dude

16 08 2011

Money is good , but the love of money is the beginning of evil; we should always mindset that money can never stop the set time for us to die. this is not yet the future we are thinking of, let us remember that everything is temporary, even the body we have, the last one to sign it up is maggot, the real future is not of this world rather the world after we die. everyone is thinking that after a person died ,it will go to heaven directly— it’s foolishness the bible talk about the heaven as a reward not a place for dead people., we are all transgressors of the law of God we are all criminals at his sight. He said that ” the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal through our Lord Jesus Christ , we should accept his gift, for us to be save , we all trespass the law of God, we have been a liar, thief, adulterer (whosoever look to a woman with lust has committed adultery in his heart – matthew 5:22) and murderer (whosoever hated someone has committed murder in his heart matthew 5:28) so we should all go the hell , but thanks be unto Jesus our lord for saving us, we can’t save our self, if God will judge us according to his justice we can never escape, hell is real!!! that’s why we need a savior we should accept him and imitate his personality for us to be save. It’s not sin to have money but it’s evil to love the money. Let’s use our money for the glory of God.
Peace from our Father and Lord Jesus Christ be with you. God bless.

16 08 2011
melfrance Espada

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.
1 John 2:15

21 08 2011

i salute u heartly

22 08 2011
Ron Cariño

–NICE_ONE Mr.Wakes–
–I still have 7 years to break your record.:)–

1 09 2011
Darren Donovan

I want to know why your site keeps telling me my brand new e-mail is always in use i’ve been hacked you guys do nothing and all im trying to do is get back on can you do something no one who works for you will thanks

1 09 2011
i've always want to be like you

i’ve always want to be like you mr mark

3 09 2011

i ‘m living in Nigeria and Facebook help me to contact my old friends that i have lost contact for some years.in short I’m very happy about Facebook’s owner and i wish him good live and more invention.

5 09 2011
BP Kamal

I have better portal and site where you can enjoy and earn. I do not have the expertise of making the software so i Am struck. can some one help me in making this software.

7 09 2011
Victor Osinachi Winner

I must say:mr.West wakes up:is a great man thank GOD 4 this facebook networking.Is realy helping the world 2day.May GOD give he 4site,2 know how to spend his money.God do not give he that money 4 personal use only,but 4 he to help other’s with it.Thank U:

9 09 2011
Andrew Louch Dee

I am going to be the white collar giant to burry Facebook, wait until Tech Connect hits the market. All your Facebook suckers will worship a different giant while you watch. Thanks for the head start. :-}

15 09 2011

thanks Brother for ur facebook wabesite…..

21 09 2011

Not to be mean or anything but STOP changin facebook! Everyone is getting pissed off so could you please stop. Leave it one way!!! Everyone is tempted to go back to Myspace. So I would stop if I was you.

25 09 2011
rita kelnhofer

you have started something good and all good things can turn bad ====you have valgurity. dirty pictures— young girls showing them selves. Young people drunk or on drugs older people telling younger people off. You have control this into something great and teach the young.

by now you should have a made enough money for the rest of your life if you invest it wisely

30 09 2011

do the right thing at the right time,and make good use of what you have.always pray to God to help.

2 10 2011
Balaji Gadde

my girlfrnd’s mother died n i dnt hv the reply option…wht the fuck r u ppl doin…fuckin urselves???? I HATE FACEBOOK…

9 10 2011
Barb Scott

I deleted my account about 10 months ago because I read something on my son’s wall that angered me. I have since opened it up again under a different e-mail address. At the time it was jspmom@comcast.net. I just spent $350.00 at Best Buy to retrieve my old pix from face book, I got ripped-off. I have many pictures of a son that passed away when he was 22. Please help me get my old pictures back.

10 10 2011
arman mallik

can anyone tell me from where had he got that idea to create such a website like facebook???????????????????????????

10 10 2011
Steve K

Hello Mark Zuckerberg..
Your story of achievement is just amazing …especially when you consider the amount of much older “rocket scientists” out there in the web world.
I’m 50 and not computer smart at all…pretty basic. About a half a year ago
I thought of this amazing ” .com “website…in thinking of a site..I figured that a site that everyone will want to use or need to use is a site that will work.
My idea is unique…I really feel 100% about it.
You obviously know the ropes..I cant think of anyone else that is more qualified propose this “.com” site to.
I hope I hear from you…but if I dont..God Bless you !

Steve K

10 10 2011

yeah every thing is ok but this is not safe..site…

lots of luv

11 10 2011
aman ahuja

,,hello MR.West,,,we r vry proudfull of dat u make a vry gud social ntrwk ”FACEBOOK”
Bt nw m givin it a new name ”FAKEBOOK”
So plzzzz sir make a gud solution 4 d stopage of FAKE id’s
,,,thank u

11 10 2011

hey mark what’s good man i got problem with add people and messages on facebook can you help me somehow my old profil is also blocked for add frend’s now i made new profil and it’s the same i tryed to add frend who i know and it’s said you are blocked.. also i can’t send messages

12 10 2011
Suranga Samaranayake

Yo invention an also yo are verry great,, no mean
Suranga Madhu

14 10 2011
kishore singh

please do not make my facebook account disable

14 10 2011
kishore singh

help me some on please its my id on facebook kishore7525@gmail.com
please hepl me to log on
still its not working please able me to log on

14 10 2011
kishore singh

my cell no is +919592266855 from india help its very inportent id on facebook please some one help me

17 10 2011
chris ross

i can not get back into my facebook account because someone or something keeps change my password and your help center dont help me one bit. the problem i keep having is evertime i try to change my password is send me a code to my e mail account. after i enter the new password it sends me to this new window where it says it will text me at my phone number on the screen and new code, but i never get the text and that means i cant get into my account. your help center dose not help me at all it just sends me back to the begining and i got to start all over again. this is really getting to me and i want it fix. nothing seem to work and i know i am not doing anything wrong. i far as i know the problem is at your servers and it wont let me into my account. now there must be something you get do for me thanks.

29 10 2011
Jovanie Senido

if ur the owner why the facebook of may sister cannt be seen;;and it cannot open ,,why?

30 10 2011
Jana Jones

Dear Mark;
My name is Jana Jones. I am a 30 year old, single mother of an eight year old little boy. I live with my mother who was an RN her whole life but due to an injury is unable to continue working. She is a very strong woman figure in my life, but is now very financially strapped. I have struggled in life with drug addiction (meth) until it lead me into Chowchilla State Pen. With the grace of GOD, I have been clean for over six years and am in school on financial aid. I get good grades at RCC college in Grants Pas, OR., and am hoping to continue my education in Eugene, OR at Lane CC c/o Dental Hygeine Program. I am inspired by all that you have overcome and accomplished. I was hoping you might be able to help me with grant money to get through this financially difficult time. I would love to meet with you and tell you more of myself and my family if that is at all possible. I appreciate your time and may God continue to bless you in your journey! Thank You, Jana Jones
(541) 441-2884
Ps…. I would love to hear back from you!
1618 Alexander Lane
Grants Pass, OR. 97527

31 10 2011

Mark Zuckerberg, as an arrogant nerd-punk who betrays friends and classmates in order to get what he wants – sex, money, and power.he played human truest.money don’t make love and happiness.I think no one ever truest him again .and god will give him a punishment.

2 11 2011
Robin Lynch Glover

Yes so so very happy you are making the BIG MONEY!!! But this Mother is mad that my 13 year old got up with a boy thay now is in Jail for RAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Time and time again I reported him to facebook did you all stop him nooo now you have a rapper up her. I did right by all my kids well a little over a mth ago my 13 year was in hell and i never talk lik that on Sept 3 2011 when got a call that my 18 year old friend had hit a tree she die the my girl was took to Pitt Nc she die Sept 12-11 she has a 16 mth old son. Meghan has never been right again will not talk she she is going to ran if I get her help and not you have a guy up here they just pick up for rap she calls boyfriend I just had to put one of my babys aways I can;t do it again you need to help me facebook is nooo longer safe for teens.

2 11 2011
Robin Lynch Glover


Meghan Glover (Meghan Ashley Glover)
.look it up get the rapper of and my child it’s you job.

7 11 2011

I have to show my respect for your kindness for people that really want help with this particular concern. Your very own dedication to passing the solution around became quite effective and have usually allowed guys and women like me to realize their endeavors. Your own important instruction can mean much a person like me and especially to my office colleagues. With thanks; from each one of us.

8 11 2011
Gurleen Mann


9 11 2011
abatan usman


14 11 2011

wish him the best, the young billionaire

23 11 2011
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25 11 2011
isaac kwofie

thank u owner of facebook

29 11 2011
Rithik Loomba

As i m Sign in my facebook account facebook is requesting me to fill confirmation code that has been sent to my cell phone.But my number has just get off permanently. please i need help. waht to do now.?

1 12 2011


9 12 2011
yash pokhun

As am trying to connect to facebook web site i always get this messages
My PC is secured..i got my antivirus… i want to sign in my facebook account

Here the message i always get…

An error occurred during a connection to http://www.facebook.com.

SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length.

(Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long)

The page you are trying to view can not be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem. Alternatively, use the command found in the help menu to report this broken site.

Please help me…..

11 12 2011
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12 12 2011

Thanx bro

16 12 2011

sir why do not facebook page is opening there is a problem

18 12 2011
mortoti peter

please my facebook account has been blocked. Someone has changed my password. I need your help immediatly. Please do something!!!!!! Notify me as soon as possible.

20 12 2011
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21 12 2011
Dumboiz Matamba Asiegbu

awqesome wish to be like him

22 12 2011
james cook

I have a great ideal for Facebook I would like to tell you about it Mr.west so could you please email me jcook786@gmail.com

25 12 2011
Rolando Santos

So every night for the past week, at midnight, I can not log into my facebook. I would like to know why. Please message me back at rgsantos88@rocketmail.com. Thank you

27 12 2011

wow, its very awesome to c you guy.. hope you could do some most of it.. buck up.

29 12 2011


[…]Facebook Owner: Youngest Billionaire « Mr. West Wakes Up[…]…

29 12 2011

hi I’am aldrin valor from philippines I’am your big fan of yours I would like to have an own website can you teach me how!

29 12 2011

If you isist can you send it to my acount if you have time.

29 12 2011

sorrry for the spellings.

30 12 2011

I’am your biggest fan.

3 01 2012

aarrgh!!!! lol… my facebook is messed up… do you fix facebooks too??

7 01 2012

WARNING! If you are reading this it is already to late so you might as well keep reading. In 5 minutes an assassin will come to your house and will decide whether or not to kill you. But don’t be hopeful, it’s a one in a million chance he’ll let you live. -JustSone on Xbox live- Friend me!

9 01 2012

i hope he can fix my FACEBOOK too :'(

14 01 2012

you are an ilimilatis give your life to Christ

14 01 2012

hay this is jeremiaha abbott i have a face book i did someone hacked my facebook and changed everything i need ur help so i can get it back i tryed everything to get it back and i have no way so i need ur help my number is 12314689442 plezz help me.

16 01 2012
ann evans

I need my time line off please mark ty

16 01 2012
lonnie stewart

I have an idea that will make people want to use facebook more often and will get people to subscribe who never thought would ever use it! Who would I talk to about my idea, guarenteed to increase the users of facebook in minutes

16 01 2012
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21 01 2012

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24 01 2012

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26 01 2012

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30 01 2012

Hehehe ii enjoy ur site.

4 02 2012
lav kumar

you are tarraficcccccccccccccccccccccccc bro

8 02 2012
suhail maizare

I like2come like hIm by the grees of god

9 02 2012
Owais Farooq

AWsM . …

10 02 2012
pankaj raj

this is pankaj raj from new Delhi India and owner of a Facebook account, my Facebook account detail is rajveer5184@gmail.com. but my account is blocked by your side.
i cant access my account and don’t connect with my friends.
so i requested to you give permission to me access my account.
your faithfully
pankaj raj

11 02 2012

“The idea of a project to work Facebook and Bank branches all over the world.”

26 02 2012
amit mishra

hi sir this is amit mishra from india (mumbai) my account is block.. i dont no how to open my account..plz tell me ..i am waiting for reply. my fb account is lak_amit@yahoo.com

1 03 2012

simply d supper……………………….best bro

1 03 2012

i mean to say simply the best and supper to get the communication with frn and d family…………………….. with in a min we can know what is going with the our frn and the family ………………….

5 03 2012

its just a great one

5 03 2012
Olalekan george

How can we create a website

6 03 2012


9 03 2012
saad nawaz

hey man i ant ur help

9 03 2012
saad nawaz

actually i want to hacked som1 account can u plz tell me ho i do tht?

15 03 2012

Hi Sir,
i would like to thank you for making facebook and without facebook i cant found my long lost relatives friends all around the world,thank you so much without facebook many people dont know other people needs our help im sorry i dont know more speak english coz im filjapanese…..i saw many bad and good comments about you sir MARK BUT for me you are the best…..and dont mind all of what people said about you and the money just do what you want and and im hoping more improvement for facebook…..thank so much also to your members……keep up the good work……..

15 03 2012

I LOVE FACEBOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK you just update your account so still working hehehe………thank you so much facebook and sir mark….fb i can express my feelings and share my photos and whatshappening in this world by using iloader and apload videos sharing to my friends family ang neighbor….without facebook no mafia war no farmville.no Poker no games etch…… i love you FACEBOOK IM anjilynamorena@yahoo.com from osaka JAPAN……THANK YOU SO MUCH SIR MARK GOD BLESS

18 03 2012

i like your face book,

31 03 2012
Manikandan MP

You r great!!!thank you for your lovely discovery

7 04 2012
Daso bomate gibson

I think young people like myself should be serious with life time issue, ending all forms of carelessness and fruitless practices. Maintaining a plan that is save and transforming. Am inspired by Mark E.Z.

10 04 2012
Xhanie Millan

were so glad that you made this account THANK YOU SO MUCH!
and more power to come . Take Care

12 04 2012

ya he is a lucky guy, anyway thanks to him

13 04 2012
rakesh anand

I think he should help those students who r unaware of computer skills n to infant childs…….plz atleast thiink about this………thanks

16 04 2012

i love this guy, he should just help create more problem solving wed site. SOLUTION SITE.

19 04 2012

wow what a lucky boy he is

28 04 2012

it is mostly depend upon innovation…when ur innovation stop ur network stop

5 05 2012

I love facebook

9 05 2012
Goodluck chinext.

Mark being d owner of facebook nd d youngest billion.hmm!am nt surprise coz well preparation lends 2 opportunity-sucess.

9 05 2012
ali rana


12 05 2012

many many happy returns of the face book 2004-2012

18 05 2012
Courtney West facebook name Courtney Kaye

My Facebook is hacked by Kourtney Hall!!!!! Whenever I try to report her she deletes my Facebook, she took down the pictures of me and my daughter, and she is posting nasty stuff about me and when my friends comment she takes it down. She also goes on my friends pages and talk crap I have the email that says who she is and that she hacked in my account I need my account off and I want to report her in please!!! Because she’s cyberbullying me and that’s against the law and if you don’t take her down then I will report you in as well for not complying to my requests this is a very serious manner please contac me back ktrowel3@gmail.com!

19 05 2012
J Kisemile

Congraturation for being Inovative and creative

20 05 2012
Deepak sehrawat

I also want shares in Facebook

22 05 2012
Anoke Hamilton

Its good to know that someone that young can achieve what others may just dream of throughout their lifes.He is an inspiration to million across the world,i inclusive.

22 05 2012
DJ marion

go boi yuh going good better u send some of them money for me yes

26 05 2012

I am so surprised how a same age of me become a billionair , this is awsome. yes exacty he is the youngest man to become a billionair. I am so fascinated by his intelligence.I hope that he will continue to work for the benefit of the people in the long run.

27 05 2012
Ayuba Iddriss

Facebook owner, i salute u. u r really a great man. all the best in life.

27 05 2012
Ogbonna Junior

I like facebook so much and i need help from the owner of facebook.

30 05 2012

i like face book u r a great man

30 05 2012
Michelle Jean

i like facebook very much………. and i need help from the owner of the facebook…..

1 06 2012

what do you mean

2 06 2012

Tu lund hai makaloda

4 06 2012
sunil kumar

i want to meet you marky

6 06 2012
Hassan Lampard

Congratulation Mr. West Wakes Up
I hope ur Youngest Billionaire in the wold
Gooooooooood Lucky man

10 06 2012

gooooooooooood luck

14 06 2012
Angel De Michael

facebook the best social network

17 06 2012

He must enjoy his money don’t forget to invest your money this is a good opportunity that God gave it to you

26 06 2012

Youngest self made millionaire. GOD be praised i just wish i was

3 07 2012
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3 07 2012

i m waziristan ,solute to talent of this young,unbelivable programe arranged by him

4 07 2012

face book guy my acount is ot loging in plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help plz please
i love my acount

6 07 2012
Ifeanyi Agu

The wisdom that made him a billionaire is the supernatural one from God.

13 07 2012
Shauna Sanders

Hi Mark,
I do have a problem that I hope you look into, my mother and i are fb users. Someone has hacked her account, she cannot find me or my brother. Her name is Penny Harwood, my name is Shauna Sanders, and my brothers user name is Josh Profit Money. I have tried going in under her name to find us and like she said i could not find my brother or i and not to mention i cant even find her under my name. The problem with hackers are getting more serious every day its as if someone wants to break us up on fb but what they dont know is they cant break us up as a family. Could you please help us my contacts are, shauna72005@yahoo.com, or 304-680-2301. I really need help, she has 2 accounts and she can only get into one. She has told me that she keeps seeing the name fatman that keeps doing stuff to her accounts. Please get back to me, thank you Shauna Sanders!

15 07 2012
Ope Apu

Hi Mark,
I have been using face book web site through my employers’ network system and now they block me off,is there any possibility you help me on this query?? if so e mail on my email address oapu@live.com.au ,mobile#11 675 7309016 ,country _Papua New Guinea

17 07 2012
viswambharan vinod

i like ur efficiency

17 07 2012
Ope Apu

I need your personal e mail address please??

22 07 2012

I got a brilliant idea,please email me

24 07 2012

Hey Zara i think your is very brilliant but its affecting many people’s relationships.When u were developing this did u look at this as well,i love your network but could please turn into a business software for ONLY business users not nonsense users n time wasters so THINK about it picture if its yo wife who walked out on u because she found her ex on facebook and they get back together please mind this because people’s marriages are being DESTROYED because of your software n social network.

27 07 2012
Chimene ejiowhor

Pls sir help me

30 07 2012
Jessica munson

I have a great idea about how to improve Facebook and how you make you a trillionaire.

Seriously it will improve everything.

2 08 2012
corrina helen clark

My name is corrina clark, i was informed by facebook person that i won 50,000 dollars . i was chosen by my profile without having to do anything. it has to do with promopowerball.com. for the deaf and hard of hearing. but i was also informed by the manager of facebook .that i have to pay 1000. dollars in order to get my cheque thats already made. is this true, or legit. thank you please let me know whats going on.

3 08 2012
Pissed off Individual

The owner of facebook is a dumbass..Timeline is pathetic and needs to be gone. I miss the old facebook. Everything that is new and improved is stupid

4 08 2012
Moses okeke

sir Mark Z. i really love this your acheivement and i wish it was me.
please sir do something for me sir atleast onething and your numerous customers in Africa ll forever remember your name here on earth.Thank you sir and God continue to expand your brain for more creative ability.

6 08 2012

plz kamine facebook chat opne

6 08 2012

facebook gourp opne

10 08 2012

please help shauna sanders he really needs

10 08 2012

hi it is agreat achievement

11 08 2012
collins adu

i want to work with u,,,can u help me pls

11 08 2012

My name is dennysoy .i have one id denny soy .i can’t accessing plz deleting my id

21 08 2012
William Holt


27 08 2012

i think he make he’s company and buy his a house

27 08 2012

i wish you devote your life to christ JESUS.
For he will be with you in time of trouble and protect you when your friends turn to foes.
do not waste your money on luxerious things

27 08 2012

every technology ;has bad and good effect ………………………………….
where there is gud there is the bad effect also

4 09 2012
sajeer babu

Face book is very helpful to me find my old friends……thanks mr. marks zucker berg

4 09 2012

Good day I have a facebook account,my user name an my blackberry brower app for smartphone I forgot my paSsword and can’t log on please help

8 09 2012
Akinsolu sunday

Keep it up guy,i envy you so much.make sure u dont luv d money but luv God.

12 09 2012

thats nice but i hope your life belongs to GOD.

14 09 2012
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15 09 2012
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19 09 2012

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19 09 2012

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22 09 2012
Tracy Barker

My daughter is 14 years old with a face book account. She just got caught stealing from the Florence Mall in Kentucky and has used your site to be very sneaky. I love your site and have been a member for 10 + years.. I am trying to strip her from all her freedom but she refuses to give me her pass word.. I really need to know how to take this away from her.. I have met and stayed in the lives of my family that i never see so i so respect you for yiour accomplishments,, Your very wise and created something brillant… plz give me your feedback…

29 09 2012
rajesh badoni

hi my self rajesh badoni one of ur fan i want a help from u bro i am helping some of poor people if u also want to do help then most well come bro yours lovingly raj u can contact me 09701454811 i love India and i think u also dear

2 10 2012
Asahel Reedick

I need such opportunities i have bigger ideas but no capital

4 10 2012
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Any way I’ll be subscribing in your feeds and even I success you access persistently quickly.

8 10 2012
Mohammed Ashraf

Hi (Assalamalikum) every one,

Maximum people think that Muslims don’t like other people who are getting grown in their life. But the truth is Muslims don’t like their religions because the religion which they (Non-Muslims) follow that will take them (Non-Muslims) to Hell.

My humble request to Mr. “Mark Zuckerberg”. Sir please think about your religion which you’asre following wright now. Is it right religion? Ask this question to yourself? And you will get the answer.

Always remember one thing a human can’t be a god and a statue which human made by their own hands that also can’t be a god. Because God is only one and he doesn’t have any son, daughter, Mom, Dad & other relatives.

Allah please shows us the right path which you like.

La-Ilaha ilallah Muhamadur rasool Allah (There is no God except Allah and Mohammed SAWS his last messenger).

10 10 2012
Ken Yog Mony

i wish ni was uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. man

15 10 2012
mohd naim

really this site is very nice this complete live site

19 10 2012

hi.sir can you help me in a facebok account………………

30 10 2012

Hi, i think that i saw you visited my site thus i came to “return the favor”.
I’m trying to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

31 10 2012
Charles N N

Its good you got a worth you deserve i honour your achievement

23 11 2012

let’s sum up facebook in a nut shell:it’s nothing but a public news paper

1 12 2012

Hi! I could have sworn I’ve visited this site before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
Anyways, I’m certainly happy I discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

9 12 2012

I’m curious to find out what blog system you are utilizing? I’m
experiencing some minor security problems with my latest site and I’d like to find something more secure. Do you have any solutions?

9 12 2012
Donna Parks

How can I talk to owner of FB? My husband has recently deceased and family member has changed his password so I can no longer get into his FB account.

21 12 2012
amir seid

i apriciates u but are not only using but also kiling some peoples time so i suggest u kip it up”””””””””””””””””””””””””

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umesh pal

smart work better than hard work

3 04 2013
Samuel Emmanuel

can i have your contacts

23 04 2013
kay williams

There someone on facebook trashing my family and would like for u to delet them plaese contact me on facebook for there name

23 04 2013
Elizabeth Blas


24 04 2013


26 04 2013
mezz oliveras

Yo you need to change shit on your bs fb.. How can you tell someone you don’t know, that I don’t know who I’m adding as a friend on facebook !!! My COMPANY page is blocked for WHAT!!! Uuuggghhhh!!! This is bs!!!

30 04 2013
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