Pale Blue Dot

8 03 2008

Ever wonder how the Earth would look like from the edge of the solar system?Here is a humbling video of Carl Sagan’s address about the picture of Earth taken by Voyager 1. It just shows how insignificant we are in the grand scale of things, how pointless it is for us to stage wars, to commit violent acts upon one another. Watch this and it will feel good. :)





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24 07 2011
Paul Radfor

Paul Radford has been leaving me and Tammi Miller explicit words to our FB account. He went in and deleted all of them because I told him I was contacting the owner. You guys banned him for 1 day last month and I feel like he needs to be banned again according to what you told him on the email. He is now using another email address, but I have his home address it is Paul and Michelle Radford at 36 priestsic road, sutton-in-ashfield, Nottinhamshire ng17 4eb. I am not even sure if he is using his own address anymore, but the picture he has posted under his name is a rock band picture. Surely you guys can redelete what he wrote can’t you ?? Also surely you would know who you deleted last month.

27 06 2012

i need your help

23 06 2016
براء الريموني

ان شخص ما قد اخترق حسابي

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