Ploning: A New Age of Philippine Cinema?

16 04 2008

A bright new film in the horizon for Philippine cinema. “Ploning” will be released in the Philippines at the end of this month. It’s an indie film by a new production studio, Panoramanila. Their goal is to create a new brand of Filipino cinema that will hopefully ignite the fire under our cold film industry. I support this movement all the way!

For a long time, I’ve wondered why the Philippines has not produced a breakout film that will attract critical attention not only in the Philippines but also internationally. Not just something that will be successful critically, but also something that will change the film industry. I feel like this will be the film that breaks the mold.

Teaser Trailer:

Official Trailer:

“Philippines is not all urban poor. Philippines is also the thousands of islands in the whole archipelago. This is one of the topics the film of Dante will be tackling. I’ve chosen to be part of this project… or rather the project chose me to be a part of it. I have a passion right now to make films that veer away from the usual dark torrid violent and desperate images portrayed in most Pinoy indie films right now. I have nothing against them. Definitely not… film as an artform should indeed show the truth of reality in what is happening to its society. But film as an artform should not portray only one version of the truth. We should also show the world how beautiful our country is… if also in our films.”

“For this maiden project, Panoramanila intends to portray a more beautiful and scenic Philippines. It wants to veer away from the stereotype images of third world poverty, sex and gambling trade and violence proliferating from current crop of Filipino films recognized in international film festivals,” added Sebastian.

Panoramanila Press Release




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6 05 2008

I just saw the movie today and went through reviews. I have to say there are a lot of haters out there. Presonally, I thought it was excellent. A far cry from cringe-worthy mainstream movies we’ve spewed out in the past decade. It was thought-provoking and the script was excellent (that’s why I like non-linear films. they give me a lot to chew on).

It’s a real downer that a lot of people bashed the movie. For one, it’s a push in the right direction if our goal is to revive Filipino cinema.

6 04 2011


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