My name is Joval. I am a college student 3 years behind, trying to transfer to UC Berkeley, and working hard to become an architect. Really. In the 2 hour free time I give myself to do whatever as a break from all the studying and homework, I like to browse the internet where I read forums and blogs, watch tv shows (from Asia), and chat on AIM. And I also like to take pictures of random things, which you will likely find on this blog. That’s about it for this “About”, hehe.


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27 02 2008

Have a nice day !

31 03 2008
Arnold Carl

Dropping by.. Lordcarnal here from SSC..

24 12 2008

hello. dropping by. found you in skyscrapercity. Merry Christmas! :)

12 06 2009


7 08 2009

joval may I ask where are you located?

30 10 2009

i am an archiecture student from kenya,.i like the internet so much i would like to invest in it,only am not sure how anyone goes abt setting up a website or making money out of it,any advice???

21 11 2009
great guys

nex reac guys from my country

13 01 2010
updull dicarpio

Hi my name is updull and am a student in middle east i wuld lyk 2 invest internate lyk facebook and tagged…..plis young man mr west how cn i do that?

30 01 2010

Hey Joval.
I am a student of architecture too.
I study in Denmark. I am doing a paper on a subject and I would like to use the olympic city in Beijing as an example. Can I use some of your photos fom your post on the blog? They are very good.

28 02 2010

y the wont my facebook work

21 03 2010
Moses Morrison Ashun

pls send me your cell number an tips to go by so as to be like you.

29 06 2010
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29 06 2010
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16 08 2010
l pruitt

i would like to know is it against the law and the hippo laws
if someone put your pic and a teenager pic and my dead dad pic to
when they was ask not to be posted,

23 09 2010
Rev Dr. O.D.Robinson Psy.D

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27 09 2011

thumbszzz up

18 10 2011

wow u r outstanding…i wanna meet u.

8 12 2011
Horlawaley themidayor hamed

U really perform well cos facebook is the best web ever.

21 03 2012


18 05 2012
donna dreinnon

donna drinnon would like to have a kids facebook just for kids and a Christian facebook to be able to make money to

27 05 2012
Ayuba Iddriss


18 07 2012
Sheryl Smith

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19 10 2012

my facebook account is locked does not open……………pleas help me open account in a facebook……..my contact number………….
already my 3 account disabled in no reason of a facebook…………
i am not use the hate speach or dirty picture……….pleas help me in a accont open………


3 07 2013

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27 06 2014
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23 10 2014
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