Pokémon Diamond/Pearl US Release Date

18 12 2006


Not that I check it everyday or anything but according to Pokemon.com, the release date for the US release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is April 22, 2007. Mark it on your calendars, folks.

For me this is exciting because last week I received a black Nintendo DS from two of my friends as a birthday/Christmas present. Owning one is really different from just playing one. Even if I lost the DS, I would probably buy a new one. But that won’t happen, since I’m guarding it with my life. To go along with the DS, I bought Pokemon Emerald which is a Gameboy Advance game but it plays on the DS.

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Badminton: The Fastest Racket Sport

13 11 2006

What an awesome way to win the match! I believe this is from the 2003 All England Men’s Doubles Final.