Tax Causes People to Become Environmentally Concious

3 02 2008


In Ireland, a tax on plastic bags that was introduced 5 years ago has almost completely changed people’s reliance on plastic bags and instead use reusable cloth bags. This movement has been adopted all over the world, but it seems only it’s been a huge success only in Ireland.

When me and my family went grocery shopping in the Philippines, there was a promotion where you can get a free “green bag” to try to decrease the use of plastic bags. Hopefully, this will just be the start. We need to be more environmentally conscious. If a tax on plastic bags is required to assert this idea, then it should also be done in more places. *hugs a tree* The Irish have gotten so used to the idea of reusable bags that they frown when they see people carrying plastic bags. Go Irish!

Now excuse me while I drive my Hummer to the mall.

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