Apple Gives Macbook Pro, Macbook Yet Another Upgrade

26 02 2008

It’s been a while since Apple last updated its laptop line. For the Macbook Pro, the last time was in June 2007 when they put in the LED screens and gave it the Santa Rosa chipset. The Macbok was updated in late 2007, when it was given a modest upgrade in speed and memory.

Just earlier today Apple announced its latest update of the MBP and Macbook. Aside from a speed bump, the Macbook Pro is also gaining the multi-touch trackpad found in the Macbook Air. The Macbook Pro receives a CPU and memory boost. The fastest Macbook CPU is on the same level as the faster MBP CPU of the previous update.

My Santa Rosa Macbook Pro, which I got back in June 2007, sort of feels old now with its lack of multi-touch trackpad. But I don’t regret getting it. It’s been worth the money, and aside from my first MBP having a warped LCD lid (which I returned promptly), I haven’t had any huge problems. My only minor problem is the squeeking of the keys that comes and goes. Just when I was writing this entry, its high pitched squeek came back, perhaps trying to tell me it’s starting to feel old. I don’t think so, my friend!



Apple unveils iPhone at Macworld

9 01 2007


Although it’s been heavily rumored that Apple was going to reveal the much talked about iPhone at Macworld, people didn’t expect anything this big. The Apple iPhone has amazed everyone, even causing Apple’s stocks to go up after the announcement.

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How to Reset a Frozen iPod

29 11 2006

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So this evening I was listening to my iPod while I was on the road. This one song pops up, Sung Si Kyung’s “Happy Birthday to You.” It’s a pretty nice song, but I wasn’t in the mood to listen to it so I pressed next. It took me a few seconds to realize that the audio turned and I wasn’t listening to the next song as I had wished. It turns out my iPod froze, with the screen all lit up. No matter what I did it wouldn’t turn off and the screen wouldn’t change at all. I thought it was bricked. Quite ironic given the song on the screen, my birthday is coming up, and my iPod was a birthday present from my parents last year. A triple hit combo.

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10 11 2006

Well, the Xbox 360 HD-DVD add-on was released this week. For only $200, I would be seriously considering in buying one if I already had an Xbox 360 and an HDTV for playing movies and games. The HD-DVD add on comes with a copy of the King Kong, which is a pretty sweet deal.

KevinMaui from the TeamXbox forum received his add-on and posted comparisons of King Kong on DVD and King Kong on HD-DVD. Pretty amazing difference.

Click on the images if they’re not showing full size for you.

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Apple Macbook

8 11 2006


Wow, I just saw this. Apple updates the Macbook with the new Intel Core 2 Duo. I’ve never been so tempted to click the “Buy Now” button.

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