Japanese and Korean: Which is harder?

12 12 2006

I’m currently in my last course of Japanese and while I love this language, it is very difficult to learn. The pronounciation is simple enough as it is quite similar to Spanish pronounciation, but the grammar technicalities and complexities is just a lil’ bit difficult for me to pick up. Then again, for me, I have to try a bit harder than most people as I get easily distracted in the learning process. It doesn’t help, however, that Japanese is written in three different scripts, each with their own use and fairly even usage. One of those scripts is the Chinese script, or Kanji, which almost makes me want to forget learning the language altogether. Other than that, Japanese is a very nice language that will take time to master.

Then there is Korean. I’ve never formally taken Korean, but from what I’ve picked up from listening to Korean music, watching shows and movies, and also from my friends, it seems that the language is easier to learn just from hearing. I also learned Hangul, or the Korean script, in a matter of hours. Then is Korean easier than Japanese? Yes — and no.

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Mac vs. PC ads in Japan

1 12 2006

If you’re not tired of those Mac vs. PC commercials yet, here’s three more made for the Japanese market.

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Learn Awesome Japanese

9 11 2006

I just found this interesting blog — Learn Amazing Japanese. Japanese videos are posted and then it explains words, phrases, and grammar that are spoken in the video. What’s cool about it is that the videos range from weird commercials to music videos.

Pretty neat idea. Perhaps with this I can continue learning Japanese even I’m done with my Japanese classes.