Pixar Releases New Wall-E Trailer

12 03 2008


I’ve just witnessed what will most likely be another Pixar masterpiece. The new Wall-E trailer was released yesterday, and while I’ve always been interested in this film since it was Pixar, it is the premise that hooked me from the beginning. It also hopes that it is being helmed by Andrew Stanton, one of the creative minds behind Finding Nemo.  The trailer shows definite promise for the film, showing the cuteness of Wall-E and the newly introduced Eve robot. The cinematography and music is usual Pixar brilliance. I will watch this in the theaters, and I will love it just like all Pixar films.

Watch the trailer here. It is under “Trailer” and if you can watch it in HD, please do! The CGI in this film looks outstanding. Pixar tops itself yet again.


Facebook Owner: Youngest Billionaire

5 03 2008
Facebook founder is world’s youngest billionaire

Agence France-Presse

NEW YORK – Mark Zuckerberg, the 23-year-old founder of social networking site Facebook, is the youngest ever self-made billionaire, according to an annual list published by Forbes magazine.

“He is the youngest billionaire in the world right now and we also believe he is the youngest self-made billionaire in history,” said the magazine’s Associate Editor Matthew Miller, unveiling this year’s super-rich list.

The magazine put the former Harvard student’s personal wealth at 1.5 billion dollars, based on what it said was a conservative valuation of five billion dollars for Facebook and Zuckerberg’s estimated 30 percent stake.

It played down speculation that the site could be worth as much as 15 billion dollars, which was based on Microsoft paying 240 million dollars for a 1.6 percent stake in the company last year.

“Would it really fetch that much today? Some analysts — and a few Facebook investors — doubt it,” the magazine said. It said it based its valuation on Facebook’s estimated annual sales of 150 million dollars.

A billionaire at 23 years old, or the same age as me. That is so mind blowing to me. If I had a billion dollars, I could do so many things like produce a film, buy a tropical island, or donate millions to save an endangered species. Good for him, and as a Facebook user I’m not surprised that the owner is a billionaire. Facebook > Myspace

Girl Shows Up at Her Own Wake

21 02 2008

Unbelievable news, like a scene from a movie. I just wonder whose body they found? I hope they will find out about the nature of her death and will lead to suspects if they find out she was murdered. I bet the (alive) girl’s family is relieved, to say the least.

Girl shows up alive at own wake
By Orlando Dinoy
Mindanao Bureau
First Posted 16:30:00 02/21/2008
DIGOS CITY, Philippines — Members of a family here got the shock of their lives Thursday when the young girl whose death they were mourning walked into their home very much alive.

The Gempesaw family had been holding a wake for what they believed to be Jocelyn, 13, who had been reported since February 14, since a body with features resembling the girl was found in a sugarcane field in Barangay (village) Agustin here on Sunday.

Editha, Jocelyn’s mother, herself positively identified the dead girl as her daughter and claimed it from the local morgue.

On Thursday, Jocelyn read an account of her supposed death in a local tabloid and hurried to the wake, her father Rodolfo said.

She explained that she had been hiding in a friend’s house in Emily Homes after fleeing leaving her allegedly abusive employer’s house on Valentine’s Day. She had been working as a store helper.

Digos police chief Caezar Cabuhat said investigators were “back to zero” on the identity of the dead girl.


Seoul’s Oldest Building Succumbs to Drunk Old Man

13 02 2008


In a devastating loss for South Korea, the country’s National Treasure No. 1, the Namdaemoon, fell to a fire started by a drunk old man. Or at least, that was how the first reports were calling him. The latest word is that it was started by a man who also tried to set fire to the Royal Palace two years ago. Apparently he has some land issues with the government, I guess this was his way of getting some attention from them. But after this, he will only get the other kind of attention from the government.

The Namdaemoon was the southern gate of Seoul when it was a walled city in the past. Apparently the Japanese tore down the walls during its occupation of Korea and the Namdaemoon is the only remaining remnant of the great wall of Seoul. Standing in the middle of a busy intersection, it was a great reminder of the Korea of the past.

On the bright side, the stone base of the Namdaemoon received little to no damage. A heritage group will rebuild the famous landmark at a cost of $21 million and it will take three years to finish. Although it’s nice that it will be rebuilt, that aura of the old building will be gone. Oh, I wish wood wasn’t so susceptible to fire.

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Chinese Man’s Hair: 26 Years Without a Wash

7 02 2008



 An 80 year old man from China washed his hair for the first time in 26 years. That is just amazing (and it probably smelled like, well, hair that hasn’t been washed for 26 years). His hair was so dirty and long that he had to have his family members assist in washing him. I wonder what they were thinking while washing his hair. Actually, I wonder what his family thought during this 26 period of smelly hair. Notice the murky color of the water…that’s 26 years of dirt, bird feces, and gel.

The old man’s local fans want to put him in the Guiness Book of Records. Good for him, at least he got something out of not washing his hair.

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Tax Causes People to Become Environmentally Concious

3 02 2008


In Ireland, a tax on plastic bags that was introduced 5 years ago has almost completely changed people’s reliance on plastic bags and instead use reusable cloth bags. This movement has been adopted all over the world, but it seems only it’s been a huge success only in Ireland.

When me and my family went grocery shopping in the Philippines, there was a promotion where you can get a free “green bag” to try to decrease the use of plastic bags. Hopefully, this will just be the start. We need to be more environmentally conscious. If a tax on plastic bags is required to assert this idea, then it should also be done in more places. *hugs a tree* The Irish have gotten so used to the idea of reusable bags that they frown when they see people carrying plastic bags. Go Irish!

Now excuse me while I drive my Hummer to the mall.

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Philippines Economy Doin’ the Damn Thing!

30 01 2008


The possibility of a recession in the economy of the United States is the center of attention these days in the global scene. And with a good reason, because a recession in the biggest economy in the world will have far-reaching effects in the economies of the world. But even with this slowdown in the United States economy, many countries like China are still experiencing tremendous economic growth. You can add the Philippines to that list.

The Philippines economy surged 7.4% in 2007, which is the fastest growth in 31 years! For those with bad math skills, that’s since 1976! Wow. Well since I became interested in the state of my home country about two years ago, this is probably one of the best news since then. The economy grew 5.4% in 2005 and 5.5% in 2006.

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