Thanksgiving at Disneyland

25 11 2006

Disneyland Entrance

This Thanksgiving I went to LA with my dad, sister, and niece. We spent the whole day at the park and had lots of fun. After eight years since my last visit to Disneyland, every ride, sight, and Disney character was fresh. Not to mention that going with my little niece Aira made it so much more fun, witnessing her amazement at every little thing was to me the best part.

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A hidden bamboo forest!

2 11 2006

Yesterday, during my break from my Japanese class I decided to go behind the building to find a place to eat my cookie snack. I saw this trail that led down the small hill and walked into this awesome bamboo forest tucked away in the back of the Language buildings! Not only that, but there was also a Japanese tea hut.

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