New Evidence Suggests Water in Mars

6 12 2006


The surprising find emerged from some 240,000 images taken by the orbiting spacecraft Mars Global Surveyor.

Images taken of the same areas over time revealed that liquid water likely flowed through hillside and crater gullies during the past seven years.

Telltale deposits of debris suggest that gully sediments were washed downhill by occasional water flows.

“It could be acidic water, it could be briny water, it could carry lots of sediment or be slushy, but [it appears that] water is involved,” Edgett said.

“Five years ago they were talking about water millions of years ago. Today, we can honestly talk about liquid water in Mars today—that revolution in our thinking has changed how we view Mars.”

National Geographics News

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Travelling at the Speed of Light

28 11 2006


Found this site where they simulate how it would be like to travel at the speed of light. It’s very trippy and mind boggling thinking the video footage that they show, if it were to actually happen, would have taken less than a hundred nanoseconds, or one hundred billionth of a second. Think about it.