Pokémon Diamond/Pearl US Release Date

18 12 2006


Not that I check it everyday or anything but according to Pokemon.com, the release date for the US release of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is April 22, 2007. Mark it on your calendars, folks.

For me this is exciting because last week I received a black Nintendo DS from two of my friends as a birthday/Christmas present. Owning one is really different from just playing one. Even if I lost the DS, I would probably buy a new one. But that won’t happen, since I’m guarding it with my life. To go along with the DS, I bought Pokemon Emerald which is a Gameboy Advance game but it plays on the DS.

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Nintendo Wii released in Japan, first TV victim

5 12 2006

Although the Wii has been out here in the US since November, it just came out in Japan. Continuing the great sales of the Nintendo DS, the Wii is reported to be sold out in Japan, selling 400,000 consoles in a matter of days.

Due to the physical nature of controlling the Wii via the wireless Wiimote, there’s already been a television casualty. The person posted a picture of the TV on her blog.

Apparently, it was match point and she was going for a forehand winner crosscourt, but the wrist cord snapped. The Wiimote flew at the TV and damaged it. (I made that story up.)

Lesson for today? The Wiimote is a dangerous weapon that can injure people and electronics.


NexGenWars.com – Who will win?

30 11 2006

If you’re interested in the war between the new next-generation videogame systems, NextGenWars.com tracks down the sales of Xbox 360, the Wii, and the PS3. They even have a mini-version of the tracker that you can post on forums, blogs, and websites. It’s quite interesting to note that even with Wii and the PS3 both out, the 360 still has got a >75% market share. Interesting, but the battle won’t pick up until next fall I’m guessing.


Ico: Videogames as Art?

26 11 2006


There has been an ongoing debate on whether videogames can be considered art. The opposition argues that videogames cannot be considered to be “art” because it contains choices that are to be made by the player, unlike film and literature which are dictated by the author. There is one game that just has to be considered art for its beauty.

That game is Ico.

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PS3 Launch Madness!

17 11 2006

Today is the launch of the Sony PS3. Due to only 200,000 of the systems being available at launch, it has caused a madness in people that’s only a shortage of a hugely popular item can cause. It started with people selling their pre-orders on eBay, with some going for a few thousand dollars. Last week I posted a story of a PS3 selling for over $9,000 on eBay. Apparently, nine G’s is not a crazy enough prize for some people as some PS3 auctions have ended at $60,000 and even at a ridiculous $99,999,999! That last one is probably a busted auction.

Other than the high prices on eBay, the PS3 launch has also struck a violent chord with some people. First it was the Best Buy drive-by shooting, but it’s escalated to a scary point. I was reading up on some news sites at school today and I saw at least a dozen stories related to the PS3 madness. I’ve gathered a few of the stories to give you a sense of the hysteria around this system launch.

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Best Buy Drive-by Shooting, PS3 campers hurt

15 11 2006

Four people were shot at a Best Buy where people were camped out in line for a PS3. They were shot at with BB pellets and luckily no one was seriously hurt. A news reporter was at the scene at the time it happened, and she was one of the people hit by the BB pellets.

Now I wonder who would do such a thing? Disgruntled Xbox 360 fans, perhaps?

News Article

PS3 and Wii Impressions

14 11 2006

Nintendo Wii

Today I went to the Best Buy in Santana Row to go buy Damien Rice’s new album “9”. I spent about 40 minutes in the Santana Row parking garage by Best Buy. It was a mistake going in there; no parking spot with about 100 cars going in and 5 cars going out. It was madness. I decided to just park in the Valley Fair parking garage across the street.

I ended up going inside Valley Fair and found myself at the EBX videogame store. I was attracted to the glowing blue light of the Nintendo Wii demo kiosk. A game was running, but there was no Wiimote to be found. I asked one of the workers if it was available to try out. He said that you needed to give them a Driver’s License or an ID to be able to try out the system. I agreed and handed him my driver’s license. Read the rest of this entry »